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Monday, February 6, 2017


Colt and Addie both played basketball for the first time this year.  Not quite sure how many times Josh said "what were you thinking?" when I told him Addie was playing AND while Addie was playing.  It was a little funny.  I'm pretty sure she looked at me more than she actually looked at the basketball.  She was there and always had a good attitude.  Most of the time "our" goal was for her to at least touch the ball once a game.  One game we got a little crazy and the goal was to bounce it.  It happened too!  She bounced it twice and then it was taken away from her.  Oh well, she met her goal...then off to staring at me for the rest of the game while the coach was yelling at her to go to the other end of the court.  She was really good at standing in her zone spot.  Not moving...she was a warm body, but she had fun!



Oh and she never came close to even touching the rim with the basketball.



Her trophy...first ever trophy! 



Now Colt loved the game!  He was so aggressive.  Probably the most aggressive I've seen him in any sport.  First game, he got the ball, drove down the court and made the very first shot of the season.  He didn't score any after that but it was a fun moment:)  He got to play with a few soccer buddies of his which made it mroe fun.  He loved this sport and will continue to get better!

He was very quick on his feet and a great defensive player.



Such a little cutie!

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