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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Huh? What did you say?


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

5th Anniversary

This past Friday was Josh and my 5th Anniversary. What a great year it's been! Of course, most of our year was wrapped around having a new little baby in our lives. In the past, we have reflected on little milestones that have happend. Here is a little update on each year Josh and I have been together:

Year 1: First time we lived together in our new home, brought Gizzy home!
Year 2: Brought Daisy home, decided to build our own home right down the street, lived with the Moss's for 2 1/2 months
Year 3: Purchase of our second home
Year 4: Sold our 2nd home, lived with the Moss's for 3 months, purchase of Josh's parents home and we found out we were pregnant with a boy!
Year 5: Birth of our new son! Extra bonus...we get to share our son with all our friends' babies too: Luke, Canon, Ava and Julia!

So, we have a thing with homes and dogs:) Hopefully this will slow up a little!

Our 5th year has definitely been one to remember...perfect husband, perfect baby, perfect timing...everything seems so perfect in our small little world. And we only have God to thank for that!

Josh and I spend every anniversary at the beach since year 1. It's our family tradition and it's so nice in the middle of December b/c traffic is at a minimum except at the outlet malls. We stayed at Josh's parents' condo, The Village at Blue Mountain Beach." Call us crazy, but Colt went with us. He told us that he would miss us too much, so we let him tag along. He was so good!

Friday night we at at PF Changs...I always get the Chicken Lo Mein, can't beat that! Then we headed back to the condo and watched Elf with Will Ferrell...great movie. We were trying to get in the Christmas spirit and that definitely helped:) Saturday we went off to the outlet malls to get some Christmas shopping done. Colt loved strolling around in the stroller, trying to get people's attention just so he could smile at them...he LOVES attention and people! Saturday night we ate at Okasa (Japenese restaurant) and I had some Sushi:)...yum! Then headed back to the condo to watch Four Christmases (once again...Christmas Spirit). Funny...we went to the beach...I automatically think seafood! But Josh and I ate Chinese one night and Japenese the other...strange...

We headed back Sunday to Dothan to go to Luke's first bday party. His mom, Mandy, did an awesome job! Oh, we have a lot to live up to with these bday parties! J/K, Luke's was just right, but all the cute decorations...I can't beat~!

We had a wonderful weekend...nice and it's time for the craze of Christmas and our ski trip to Colorado! I hope we enjoy each and every moment. I'll try to remind myself to take it all in and relax!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

7 months

Colt is now 7 months old! He was weighed at the doctors on Tuesday and he weighed 21 lbs 4 oz. I didn't weigh him on Friday, so we're going with that number. He's huge…not really, just solid. We are in the process of looking for a big boy carseat:( They're expensive!

He's so much fun these days…still not too mobile so it's very nice!

What he's doing now:

Eating: 7 oz every 4 hours, with cereal and fruit in the mornings and dinner at night
Diapers: Size 3
Clothes: 6-9 mo's and some 12 mo clothes

Developmental: He's starting to get on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth. It won't be long until he's mobile!

He's starting getting this attitude also. He's sees his little friend Canon crawling around and pulling up on everything and gets a little jealous. So, his new thing is to grunt and yell out of frustration. I think it's funny:) He's saying da-da a lot. I try to get him to say ma-ma, but it's a no go. He's extremely happy and very easy to get a giggle out of him.


So, I'm officially out of my 20's. I held on for as long as I could. I have realized that birthdays aren't that big of a deal anymore…after you have a child. It really is all about them. I did find time for myself though.

This past Saturday, Josh and I were getting ready to go to walmart and the mall to get a picture with Santa. I was noticing that Josh was not helping me AT ALL…and was just dragging around wasting time. I was at the kitchen sink and looked out the window and saw my mom's car parked in our driveway…then the knock at the door. Mom and Rebecca came to see me:) So much fun! That was so sweet of them. She gave me some new silverware and a pie serving piece. We really needed some new silverware! At that point Josh couldn't wait any longer to give me his gift. He got me a new camera! It's awesome! My favorite features are that it detects a smile and will automatically take a picture if you smile and it's touch screen. Sweet!

That night we went to a Christmas party with our 707 church group and played dirty santa with a gift limit of $5. Some people are very creative in their gift giving. No one wanted my gift….oh well. What was most funny to me is that someone wrapped a 6 pack of coors….remember this is our church group. No, I didn't go home with the beer, but I did get some nice writing pens that the purchaser was very proud of (Brandon)!

Afterwards, we headed to RJ Saxton's, which is a bar…but it's a grown up bar. No smoke, not a lot of people, relaxing…we had a great time. The turn out was good…I didn't realize that many people were coming out…let's see…me, Josh, Deborah, Barry, Leslie, Ed, Tuan, Will, Mandy, Kyle, Brandon, Lauren, Eric, Traci, Lance and Brandy…I think that's about all.

These are all the December bday's that were there (D - 6th, Me - 13th, Tuan - 8th & Brandon 10th). I think the ages are 29, 30, 31, & 28...

Colt spent the night with Nana and Pops, so I didn't have to worry about getting him.

Sunday, Nana and Pops dropped him off early and we were so lazy all day and hung out with our little boy. We went to Logans with Josh's family that night. His parents gave me one of those Willow figurines of a mother holding a baby…so sweet…and I got some $$ from them…what will I buy!!

I also got many calls and texts…so thanks to all of you for a wonderful birthday!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Stocking Project

I haven't liked our stockings in the past so, I decided that I would get new stockings this year. Then, I came across this really cute stocking pattern on the internet….so, I've decided to MAKE them. Not only do I feel like I CAN be crafty, I really want to be. I would like each of you to "Oooh and Aaah" over these. I'm saving the pattern in my Christmas stuff, so if there are more Parrish's in our future, I can make another stocking to match:)

Here is the website if anyone is interested:) I changed the pattern for each stocking to match our personalities. I love polka dots!

Full of Thanks

Our first Thanksgiving as a family of greater than two. The thanks are endless this year…thankful for our precious baby, our wonderful families, awesome church family, great friends, our health, jobs, support, happiness, love…I could go on and on of all the great things that He has given us and can't say we deserve it all, but are VERY THANKFUL!

Josh, Colt and I went to Hope Hull, AL (where I grew up) to my Grandmother's house for Thanksgiving. Attending were Grandma, Dad, Helen, Ken & Heath Hardy and Brianne and Blane Meadows. It was a nice quiet Thanksgiving. Of course since Colt was the only baby there, he was the center of attention and was SO good. Josh and I took him outside to walk around the house. I love going back home to the country…when I was growing up I didn't appreciate it as much as I do now. Looking back I had a great childhood with lots of land to play on…major tomboy!....sorry, I got off subject. See some pics we took around the house. The wind was blowing so hard and it was a little chilly!

Jake trying to shake Colt's hand.

We had an awesome lunch, turkey and all the fixings. I brought a pumpkin crisp dessert (Southern Living recipe from Mrs. Sharon) that went over very well.

Nap with Grandpa after lunch.

After lunch we went out on the farm to see the horses and also ran into a little calf…he was SO cute!

That evening we went to Estee and Rick's (my step sister) to see them. Colt and Knox (5 mo's) had a blast together. They were really interested in each other's feet…too funny.

Josh went home and Colt and I stayed in Wetumpka until Saturday. Saturday we had Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family. It was so nice have lots of family there. Mom, John, Elyse, Brian, Troy, Kenny, Keith, Mamama, Crawford, Evelyn, Thad (he was sleepy), Eve and Reagan. We had an awesome lunch and it was a beautiful day to hang out outside:)
Onsie KK appliqued

Tractor outfit made by KK

Later Rick brought Knox and Mere Grace to get in the fun of taking family pics. I took some, but Elyse is the true photographer…my job (again) was to get the babies attention. This time (unlike Halloween) we were successful! Mom and John have: Colt (6 1/2 mo's), Troy (2 1/2 mo's), Knox (5 mo's) and Mere Grace 3. The babies apparently like lots of clapping and yelling "yay!" over and over again. I'll remember that for next time. Elsye made the appliques for each kid~!