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Monday, February 21, 2011

You've got to be kidding!

Well, Colt woke up about 5 or 6 times Saturday night and I just knew...KNEW...that we were dealing with yet another ear infection. REALLY! This is the 4th ear infection within the past month and a half. First he started out with a left ear infection and croup at one doctors visit...then moved on to a double ear infection and strep at the next doctors visit. Yesterday he was diagnosed with a right ear infection and a yeast infection:( I know that sounds really gross, but it looks like a regular diaper rash but it wasn't going away and the doctors said it is very common. Because Colt has been on both antibiotics that they prescribe for ear infections, they had no choice but to move to shots:( So, yesterday he got one shot, today he will go and get another shot and tomorrow he will finish with the final shot:( Before the nurse gave it to him, she warned me that this one was very sad:( BUT after this, there will be NO ear infections (fingers crossed)! I'm going to pump him up with Vitamin C, wash his hands a lot, scrub him down at bath time, the humidifier will be on full blast...and so forth...any other suggestions will be taken VERY seriously:) Oh and he has to take an oral medication for his yeast infection plus the nystatin cream that was prescribed to him.

So, after his doctors appointment, we had to go by Sonic and get a "mulkshake." Yummy:)

Friday, February 11, 2011

I just feel like...

Blogging...blah blah blah... You know what I really wish!?!? For the cold to get on with it's life leave us alone and let the warm spring air come! I mean, my son is going bonkers stuck inside the house, very entertaining but I've really had enough. I can't wait to get out and work in the yard, enjoy the pool, go on a walk at 7 pm if I want....argggg. Anybody with me?

Ok, I'm done...that's really all I have on my mind...glad I got that out!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...not much going on at our house, just wishing I could open all the doors and windows, clean a little and enjoy the weather...maybe next weekend.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Toy Box

I just thought this was really cute. Colt wanted to be a toy...he emptied the entire box, got in, and had me put all the toys in there with him. Then I guess he needed a little break, so he asked for his milk.

Chip off the Ole' TOOTH!

I really don't know what to say and I can't believe I'm blogging about this...AND it could be worse, I know, but one thing after the other...geez:) I pick up Colt from daycare on Monday and his teachers and I are having a nice little chat...laughing, stories, blah blah blah... I start playing with Colt, turn him up-side-down and WHAT is this? Where the heck is the rest of his TOOTH?!?! His teachers were just as stunned as I was...really? You didn't notice...nobody? His "used to be perfect teeth" are now not so perfect and a little "hill billy?" Okay...I'm alright, actually no, I'm really sad:( PICTURES...PICTURES...PICTURES...they're not going to fix his tooth at this age... The more I thought about it, the more I can totally see how his teachers didn't know it happened when it happened. Colt is usually a tough little guy, bangs, bumps, bruises his head or anything else and then just keeps on going. There was no busted lip or anything, but I didn't really see how they didn't notice something a little off with him....oh well...I feel like I'm the perfect parent that this could happen to because I do let things go...and this is one of them. Now it will be a joke...on Tuesday I picked him up and asked Kaylee if he busted any more teeth out today. I have felt a lot of pity from the other teachers and the CDC director...makes me feel better:) They are maybe just as sad as me...and the more I look at it the more I think it's really not that bad...but I probably will get it fixed one day. He is suppose to go to the dentist in May so we will talk about it then...but for now...we can start calling him "Chip" or "Billy" either will do:)

Here's a picture of ole Chip. If you click on the picture you can get a more up close view of the missing tooth:( OH my goodness...he's so stinkin' cute!!

A little bragging rights...

Today Colt's teacher and the CDC director said they were very impressed with Colt. They were showing flash cards of colors and he repeated every color and named some on his own like green, blue and red. Awww...I told him that he takes after me:) Haha. They said his favorite color was!! I love him:) Just thougth I would brag a little.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rough Week!

Last week was somewhat of a rough week for the Parrish's. The first of the many "problems" was planned...I'm not sure if Josh wants me to share this on my blog, but it's no big deal:) When I say planned, Josh has had some back problems that have been lingering for well around 6 months now. After a couple of epidurals, chiropractic visits, physical therapy, an MRI and lots of heating and icing, we made the decision to go with surgery. The MRI showed a herniated disk that was pinching a nerve which caused pain, discomfort and tingling. The surgery was scheduled for Wednesday of last week. Great...

On Tuesday, I was working deligently at my desk getting ready to be off on Wednesday to take care of Josh, when I get a phone call from the daycare...Colt has a fever. Great... I go get him and come back to my desk to finish up on some much needed work...Tuesday night he was absolutely fine and he ended up spending the night at Nana's because we had to be at the hospital at 5 am!

Oh and I will mention that after this surgery, Josh will not be able to pick Colt up for around 3 weeks to a month. Ok...I'm ready for this, especially thinking that Colt is a "Mama's boy" so it's not going to be much different.

Wednesday comes, the surgery takes place, but while I wait I get a call from Nana saying that Colt is very fussy, has fever, and maybe I need to take him to the doctor??? Well, first things first...sorry, this time Josh comes is pretty serious and I know Colt is getting all he needs from his Nana:)

I drop Josh off then head to CVS to get his pain meds and I get another call from she's telling me about Colt, his fever, fussy, I could hear the frustration in her voice...TOTALLY understandable! In the background, I hear him, so pitiful and crying, crying, crying:( I have to do something. So, before I pick up the meds (and in the back of my head, I'm thinking Josh is in pain - b/c he opted out of getting pain meds at the hospital - ugh - I couldn't imagine:( Anyway, I'm off to get my "other" baby:) I call the Pediatrician's office right away because the way Colt was acting was not "Colt." No appointments for the rest of the day! Granted it was already 3:00 p.m., but still! I schedule one for the next morning. Once I got to Colt he was all over Nana and since there were no appointments she just said that she would take care of him so I could take care of Josh....THANK YOU but OH the guilt of leaving my precious baby:( I don't know how I would handle both. Especially since Josh's first day was a little rough and he was definitely bed bound:(

Thursday...I go into work mainly because I've only had this job for 6 months so I don't have a lot of time saved up. Later that morning Nana meets me at the Pediatrician's office with Colt. It doesn't take long to go back (thank goodness!) and as soon as the nurse looked into his mouth, we both said "yep" was plain to see this definitely could be strep. The doctor came in later, checked his ears...yep, double ear infection...didn't see that coming...came back with the strep test...yep...strep throat:( I didn't even know a 'not even 2 year old' could get strep. But he did, I'm coming to the conclusion that we have a sickly little kid. Maybe he'll be immune to all this one day. I couldn't bare the thought of going back to work or leaving "my" little boy with his I took him home...that's what a mother is suppose to do, right? OR that's what a mother wants to do...yep, those were my thoughts:)

So, I was taking care of a very sickly little boy...and a very bed bound big boy. Colt wouldn't eat anything or drink much, because it hurt so bad, he didn't even want to swallow his own there was a lot of drooling:( cry...If he did try to eat, he would put his hand in his mouth and say "hurt." There was a lot of crying, a lot of holding, a lot of fetching, a lot of dealing with those silly little dogs - can't forget them...but sometimes it's easy to! Oh, and the fun part of it all, Nana got some ice cream for Colt and we made lots of milkshakes...Colt says it really well..."Mulkshake" just like that:) He's so smart!

Here he is with one of his many milkshakes (I think I counted 5 in two days?)

This particular day (above) I ended up driving around the whole circle of Dothan (The Circle City) while Colt watched Toy Story 3 and sipped on his milkshake. I parked in our garage and since he was entranced in the movie...we stayed there for a good hour and I got a little shut eye too! Sad...very sad!

But I have to say thanks to Nana and Pops, without them I'm not sure if we would have eaten and I know I couldn't have gotten through that first day without them!! Thanks a bunch:)

Everyone is doing MUCH better now...Colt's back at daycare going strong and Josh is back to work, although he still can't hold Colt, but I can handle that for sure!