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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cute Plates

Just whipped these up with my cricut!  I purchased these plastic heavy duty plates from Target for $1.79, but I think I could find them a little cheaper somewhere else.  All of Colt's toddler friends got them...and if my sweet sister (E) is reading/seeing this...don't worry I know exactly when Troy's birthday is!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Watch what you say!

I picked up Colt the other day from daycare and I had A LOT in my arms including him...well I guess he knew I was struggling so he says "Mommy too heaby" (heavy).  Thanks bud!  NO, YOUR too heavy!!

On another note, I took Colt to the dentist last Thursday (approximately 4 days ago).  It didn't go very well at all but according to the dentist herself it usually doesn't.  He cried a lot, held on to me a lot and didn't want to open his mouth at all.  As soon as the torture was over and we started walking out the door, he kept on saying "dentist, dentist"...I was like yeah, that was the dentist...and why are you acting like you like it NOW?  SOooo, this morning, on our way to work we pass the denist office everyday, I have never pointed it out in passing and telling Colt that that building is the dentist office.  Well, this morning we slowed down right infront of the dentist office due to traffic and Colt looked outside, pointed and said "dentist."  WOW.  How in the world did he remember that!

He's very observant...he will also say "almost home" when we pull into our neighborhood and say "home!!" when we pull into our driveway.  I know I was not that in tune when I was his age...I don't think anyway.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Colt - 2 year update


Colt had his 2 year appointment last week (Thursday) and the Dr. B said he was growing perfectly.  He weighed 29 lbs 12 oz (75th percentile) and 34 1/2 inches tall (50th percentile).  He has consistently stayed at these percentiles since he was born.  I love Dr. B because he makes you feel like you have the perfect child and could possibly be his only patient:)  Colt had been to see other Dr.'s several times since our last well visit at 18 months.  Several ear infections, so he was very hesitant on letting Dr. B do anything.  Apparently Dr. B has run into this problem before.  He talked about Colt's puppy dogs and made Colt believe that he had a puppy dog in his belly and Dr. B could listen to his heart and lungs...and Colt smiled and let him go ahead to find that puppy dog.  Well, that silly puppy dog got in Colt's ears too.  So, Dr. B had to check them out...Colt didn't like it at first, because his ears have been a big problem in the past, but he gave in with a little giggle and let Dr. B take a look inside.  His ears are perfectly clear...yay!! 


About a month ago I started jotting some things down that I wanted to remember about this stage in Colt's life.  He is the funniest thing in our life right now, and I think he knows it!

He has said several sentences so far, but these are the ones that I remember and that are funny.  First I'll mention that Colt talks in the 3rd person at all times so they sound a little weird on paper.

1.  "Go in-ndere Dizzy, now" - Go in there Gizzy, now.
2.  "Daddy's walle, hole it Mommy" - this one was pretty clear
3.  "Ewww hot, in-ndere Mommy" - this one he is talking about my car being hot when I put him in it after I pick him up from daycare
4.  "Go winnow up" - Go window up
5.  "Colt read Daddy's book" - this one was pretty clear
6.  "Kool bus, ohhh!, one too" - This is where he saw a school bus, said it, then saw another one so he said "one too" - haha
7.  "Colt knock e ober" - Colt knock it over
8.  "Sungasses...uh oh...darks" - This was hilarious to me, we were sitting inside and he found his sunglasses, said "sungasses", put them on, and said "uh oh...darks" as he looked around the room.

Here are some of my favorite misspronouncements:

1.  "Trolls" - cereal/cheerios (not sure which one he is trying to say)
2.  "Eee-uuu" - Get up - usually followed by "Mommy/Daddy"
3.  "Bee boc" - Flip Flop
4.  "Kop-kar" - Pop Tart - I think this is how he says it??

Things he says or doesn't say that are funny and too cute to me:

1.  He has a tendency to add an "s" to the end of names like, Mommy's, Daddy's, Dizzy's, Daisy's, Colt's (everything is possessive)

2.  As already mentioned, he talks in 3rd person which is our fault.  But, the other day he said "Colt do it, Coltself", I'm not sure where "Coltself" came from, but it is hilarious!

3.  We can't get him to say "I love you"...if we try he usually finds something else and makes a comment on that like "truck."  I know he loves us because he sure does show it, but he doesn't want to say it!

4.  He loves to say what he's doing aloud such as "Colt walking; Colt running; Colt do it; Colt did it!! Colt bind (find) it!!"

5.  He also loves to repeat things over and over again...I think he's just proud he can say it.

6.  AND he's repeating everything these days, so we have to watch it.  My vocabulary only gets as bad as saying "oh crap" so he has said that a couple of times so far ("oh cap")...I'm trying to stop, but it could be worse!

7.  Usually at bedtime when we are trying to get him to go to sleep he asks about people on his mind.  He will ask me "Daddy okay?", "Dizzy okay?," "Daisy okay?," "Tanon (Canon) okay?"  and if he's with Daddy he'll ask "Mommy okay?."  Such a sweetheart!  These are his favorites to ask about. 

Other things that he's doing:

1.  Colt loves his mommy (me).  There's not much I can do with Colt in the house (if Josh is gone) because he wants to be wherever I am and if I even attempt to cook, it's not happening because he is at my heel saying "up-pease, Mommy" and he's so nice and polite (no whining) about it, it's hard to say no.  It took a long time for him to stop crying for me to hold him and we got there...sooo what do you do?

2.  He loves to hold hands when going somewhere and I love feeling that little grip in mine.  I think it's funny when we go to one of our friends houses and they have tons of new toys to play with, but he wants to grab my hand to go check out the toys along with him...he won't dare go by himself!

3.  He is the most loving child I know...I my gosh, I could just eat him up!  He gives the best squeezes (and I get a lot of them) and kisses in this whole entire world!  He is always loving on me and saying "Hey Mommy" - I think this phrase substitutes "I love you.":)  He has started doing the same with Josh...not quite like he does with me yet...but he gets some lovin' too.  The love increases dramatically closer to bedtime...and the giggles start too.  It doesn't take much to make this little guy laugh!  Although I do get a lot of loving anytime that we are together, I still hold on to him tight when I get him to sleep at's just soo hard to let go!

4.  His favorite movie is "Finding Nemo"...he asks to watch it all the time.  This is the only movie he has sat through the entire thing.  I guess his next favorite would be "Toy Story 3", just because I've played it for him the most.

5.  His 2 year molars came in just recently.  I made the mistake of sticking my finger in his mouth to feel of them!  Ouch!

6.  Colt is allergic to some kind of food.  We haven't narrowed it down to a specific food, but he just breaks out in hives around his mouth and on his neck.  Once it did get down to his belly.  That's as serious as it gets.  We thought it was early peas at first, then thought it was pineapple, but the last meal he had and broke out, neither of these two items were served?  At least it's not a serious reaction.

7.  He also has a mild case of Excema.  I informed Dr. B about it and he told me how and what to do to control it and I have actually done exactly what he said and the excema spots are just about clear!  Wow, that's amazing:)  I just hope that it stays a mild case.

8.  Colt is not a big eater, I really don't understand how he maintains his weight.  I think he drinks his weight.  I'm not too worried about it because he acts and looks just fine.  But he LOVES milk and his Daddy made the mistake (well not a mistake) but gave him chocolate milk because he was having a bad morning and now he asks for Chocolate milk all the time...he's says it really good too.  He does like cheese (mostly shredded), chicken nuggets (on occasion - I'll fix just 2), green beans (on occasion), corn dogs, pizza, pasta and some other things, but his real love in foods lies in sugar...definitely got a sweet tooth!  They say he eats really good at daycare and they serve a variety of foods.

9.  Colt has now moved to a Big Boy Bed!!  He's doing awesome!  I was so worried that it would take him forever to go to sleep and he would wake up in the middle of the night.  I decided that I was NOT going to lay down with him in his bed, that I would get him to sleep like I normally would and if that didn't work I would just make him lay down and pat his little hiney so he could go to sleep that way.  Well, check, that's been so easy getting him to go to sleep.  Now for the waking up in the middle of the night...none - check!  If he wakes up, he goes right back to sleep.  In the morning, he gets up and out of his bed on his own...not sure what he does in his room, but he'll come out when he's ready and come see us in our bed, usually between 6 and 7.  This past weekend he came in our room with his baseball helmet and glove on saying "Hey Daddy."  It was a great way to wake up!  He's been in his Big Boy Bed for one I can start working on the nursery and adding some pink:)

Now...we can stop at this age...I like him just the way he is!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Colt's 2nd Birthday!

Last week, May 11th, was Colt's second birthday.  I didn't want him to turn two but it happened and it wasn't that bad.  We didn't plan a party this year, we decided that we would start the parties when he would actually remember them, not sure when that would be?  Anyway, because we didn't throw a party, I worried about what to do because we HAD to do something for the little guy.

Well, it all started that morning...first we got a picture with Daddy before he was off for a long day of work:

 After Daddy left, Colt and I took our time getting ready for school.  I wanted him to know it was a special day.  I texted my "somewhat boss" and told her I would be a little late.  We went to Publix to get some cupcakes for Colt and his classmates to celebrate during daycare.  I would have made the cupcakes, but my bunko friends hassled me about making them.  And there was no time to make them because the night before I hosted bunko and barely had dinner ready on time.  Anyway, we were off to Publix and while we were there we got a big balloon so everyone would know it was his birthday.

I headed up to the CDC at lunch time so I could come sing Happy Birthday and watch the kids eat their cupcakes.  They are SO funny to watch.  I never go see Colt during daycare because he cries everytime I drop him off at daycare and I don't want to do that to the teachers, but Miss. K told me not to worry about it and to come.  This is a picture of the kids before Colt realized I was in the room...they were all asking Miss. K to eat their lunch. 

Once he realized I was there, he was DONE with his lunch and in my arms.  I don't know what to do about this!  Anyway, once the cupcakes came out he was back in his chair...he will do anything for sweets!

He was so sweet!

These are actually two classes mixed together.  Notice all the boys?

Sam, Colt and Wagner
 Mary Kathryn and Ethan
 Colt and Wagner
 Ethan and Sam
 Mia - she is allergic to eggs:(
 Josh, Blue, Ayden and Mary Kathryn
 I think this picture is so sweet with all their legs hanging down.

Colt probably said "Hey Mommy" about 100 times, no kidding.  He was so pumped that I was there.  THEN I had to go.  I tried to get him to go to sleep, but all he did was say "Hey Mommy" over and over again, stuck his little hiney in the air for me to pat it and wiggled around the whole time.  It was really sweet and funny, but I really needed to go back to work. I said bye to a very upset crying boy.  Miss. K said she took him out of the room and they rode the elevator several times to get him calmed down before he took a nap.  She was on break, so she stayed just for him:)

I picked him up right after work at 4:30, we went to Sonic to get a slushie then went to Miracle Park Playground and Julie and Alex were there!  They were everywhere so this is the best shot I got:

Here is Colt showing some mad climbing skills...this is a little high and the first couple of times he did it I was right on top of him, but he showed me he could handle it on his own.

After Julie and Alex left (it was extremely hot), Cara and Tucker show up!  How did they know it was Colt's birthday?!?

Around 6:30 I got a text from Josh saying he was on his way home and wanted to know if we wanted to go to Pizza Castle...HECK YEAH!  No party...but we're going to fit everything in today!  We asked his friends' parents if Canon and Luke could/would come and surprisingly they did...Wednesday night at 7:15...aww they love him...or it was just something for the Dad's to do with their wild toddlers.  Nana and Pops also came last minute too!  They had an awesome time playing with the big kids toys.  Here are some pictures of the night:

Happy Birthday Colt!!

We finally got home after 9:00 pm and Colt was pooped!  I hope he had fun today because we sure did and I felt satisfied after the day was over that we didn't have a party:)

Night night little 2 year old.

Mother's Day Beach Trip

This weekend we went to the beach and stayed at my in laws place in Blue Mountain.  Ed, Leslie, Harper, Kyle, Mandy and Luke also came.  Well, they were planning on going and our decision to go was very last minute.  The last time we took Colt to the beach it was more work than anything and Josh and I decided we would just deal with it this time.  We were totally wrong about him being a lot of work!

We headed down Friday afternoon just to make a little daylight time at the beach.  It was very chilly actually, so we only stayed for a few minutes.  Here is a pic of me and our little guy:

The whole weekend was perfect!  The weather was great, company was awesome and Josh watched Colt a lot so I could sit with Mandy and Leslie and relax:)  Colt was great, I'm sure it helped that his little friend Luke was there and he's older so he can do more on his own (like play in the sand).  Here are some more pictures from the weekend.

Playing with Luke

Building a sand castle - where is everyone else?

Hanging out with Daddy

Harper hung out with the girls under the tent - she had a rough weekend:)

Kyle trying to convice Luke that the ocean is not that scary, Luke thought otherwise!

Leslie and Harper

Ok, so I got in the water a little bit too...Colt loved it so much I couldn't be left out:)  AND he wanted me to go with him:) 

Digging a big hole.  

I think by this point Colt was worn out!

Colt loved hanging out with Luke, he would copy everything he did, like jump on the couch, run down the hallway, climb the stairs and brush his teeth just like Luke.

Notice he is playing with the same foot Luke is...hah!

When it was time to take a nap or go to sleep, Colt was worn out!!

On the way home...poor thing.

It was a great Mother's Day Weekend!

Monday, May 9, 2011

20 Week Appointment

I guess I'm half way there!  I had my 20 week check-up and ultrasound last week.  The ultrasound went great.  I've only had one other ultrasound where they take all the measurements to make sure the baby is growing properly and they don't see anything unusual.  I think this time I was a little more worried that something could go wrong - maybe because I know more now than I did the first time.  There was a student in the room while the Ultrasound Tech was making all the measurements of the baby.  It was fun to actually hear her thoughts aloud.  Although, I sort of wanted her to preface with the results of each measurement.  For instance "the length of this baby's head is normal"...then go on with what she was doing and describe what it would look like if it wasn't normal.  Instead first she explained what she was measuring and what she was looking for, then when she was done she would say everything was perfect.  I did mention it to her that it was a little nerve racking (in a joking manner - sort of), not to make her feel bad...then when she mentioned the cleft (sp) palate...she prefaced with "this is how a normal baby would look" then went on to say what it would look like if the baby did have a cleft palate.  I wasn't nervous or anything but she did calm what nerves were bothered by saying that I had a "text book baby."  Thanks:) 

After she was finished with all the measurements and confirmed once again that we were having a girl - although she was being very shy...they did get a little glimpse of her business:), she turned the screen toward me.  I am so in love with this little girl!  I think my feelings are different about my connection with this baby more so than Colt because I know what I'm getting at the end...I know the's unbeleivable!  With Colt I didn't know what to expect or how I would feel, but when he arrived I was hooked and could stare at him ALL day long.  Now I get to do it again!  She was too precious, moving around, yawning (please be a good sleeper!), and all her body parts were so cute!  At one point she was laying just like I was on the table.  I had my right arm behind my head (so I could see better) and she was doing the same:)

The appointment with the doctor was uneventful again...good blood pressure, etc. etc.  I was out in no time.

Up to this point everything has been great.  I have been feeling really good lately and finally have more energy (it's about time).  I have had some swelling so I've increased my water intake and reduced my salt intake (booooo!!).  My ankles have looked much better since!  I haven't been keeping up with my exercising like I wanted, but there's just not enough time in the day with Colt and now Josh is in the middle of Spring Training.  Oh well.  I really need to get motivated so I'll bounce back once this little girl arrives.  I'll definitely need the energy then!  AND my belly button is already poking out...what!  It didn't poke out at all with Colt.  I'll have to stock up on some bandaids!

I finally took (Josh did) the first picture of this pregnancy at 20 weeks.  This picture makes me look smaller than I am (and definitely smaller than I feel).

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Easter!

We started Easter off by going to the Grove Park Easter egg hunt on Saturday.  Grove Park is the new neighborhood that we moved into that houses lots and lots of young families with kids.  We were to bring Easter eggs filled with candy or prizes to one particular house and some residents were in charge of "hiding" the Easter eggs for the hunt on Saturday.  I filled 12 plastic eggs with goodies like snickers, twix, and milky ways and dropped it off to the designated house a day late...but after talking to some people they didn't take ANY Easter eggs, so I didn't feel bad about that.  I read later that we were suppose to fill the easter eggs with any candy BUT chocolate:)  You know chocolate melts!

Before we went, I knew Colt would MAYBE leave with 1 Easter egg, I pictured him just standing there and watching the other kids rather than fighting to grab up an egg.  Once we got there, the announcer said that there were 1100 eggs "hidden" in the park.  The 1-4 year olds were to find the eggs in the park and the older kids were to find eggs at a couple of the larger homes near the park.  Ok, 1100 eggs...Colt will definitely leave with more than one...MAYBE:) 

So, the hunt began.  I persuaded Colt to pick up the first egg, so he did and I praised him, then I convinced him to run and get more eggs.  He started running as fast as his little legs could go.  But, if you put a 2 year old with a 4 year old who is basically a pro at this egg hunting thing, the 4 year old is definitely going to win.  It was the saddest thing in the world, watching Colt running with his arm held high so he wouldn't drop his Easter bucket and going for an egg, just to watch an older kid snatch it up before he ever had a chance.  He did manage to pick up 3 eggs.  It didn't seem to bother him in the slightest especially when he found out that there was candy inside!  Yes, we ate all the candy...not that there was much but it didn't last long.  Here is Colt with his hand held high:) (as you notice there are no eggs in sight)

And here he is after he discovered the candy inside.

That afternoon our friend Deborah came home to enjoy Easter at her own home (she's been at UAB with her premature baby since February).  We hung out in the park while Colt and Canon played in the water at our house.  These pictures were taken by back!

Scene 1 (Canon should really move)

 Scene 2 (yep should have moved!)

After this happened, pool time was over!  We had dinner over at our house and called it a night!

Easter morning, Colt discovered that the Easter Bunny came to visit!  He packed his bucket from last year with some goodies.  He got PJ's, playdough, matchbox cars, 2 new sippy cups and of course candy.  He loved everything, especially the Pez:)

Easter day we went to church and sat with Barry and Deborah.  There were several times when I wanted to talk to Deborah but I kept quiet...1) because it's Easter and the service was really good so I wanted to keep focus and 2) Deborah hasn't attended her home church in a couple of months, so I knew she didn't want to be bothered:)

After the service, we went to the Moss's to have our 3rd Annual Pot Luck Easter Lunch.  According to Deborah, the first was at our house (she had to remind me of this) and last year we had it at the Moss's also.  Everyone brought over some delicious food!  I'm thinking about making this a monthly thing??  Colt had fallen asleep shortly after we got home from church, so we left him in his bed at our house and used our iPhones as a monitor while we walked a couple houses down to Barry and Deborah's house.  Hope this is not child abuse...but it sure was nice to enjoy lunch with our friends (who were chasing their toddlers around...haha). 

Later in the day, after Colt woke up and all the other kids had their nap, it was play time again with the water.  Here are some cute pictures of the boys playing.

From left to right: Colt, Jack, Canon and Luke

Looks like Josh was trying to talk some sense in these two, they are ALWAYS bickering with one another!

After the kids were done (somewhat) with the water, they had their own Easter egg hunt...this was turned out a lot better than the community one.  All boys were under the age of 2 1/2, Colt was the smallest (as usual), but he held his own and did great (with the help from me:).  One of the older neighborhood boys, who is only 6 hid all the eggs for the toddlers and did an awesome job and was so sweet about it:)

We did manage to get a family photo this year - yay...but I don't like it.  I'm not really sure, I think it's because we look old, there are shadows all over our faces and Colt looks mad.  MAYBE next year:)