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Monday, April 30, 2012

Let's play pretend!

Colt has really stretched his imagination these days.  He is the funniest thing in our lives right now and such a joy to watch and observe.  His imagination is truly unbelievable...not sure why he has so many toys because he really doesn't need much:)

Here are some examples:

Colt can't say "you," he always says "lou" instead.  He has said "lou" for a while, so I decided to play around with him and say "who is Lou?"  When I first asked him, he didn't really respond, but as I continued to ask him, he finally said "he's over there," while he pointed toward the door.  That day he was pretending I was a pig and he was riding me (usually it's a horse, so I'm not sure why I was a pig), he was about to get on my back and he held out his hands and said "I have two Lou's" apparently Lou is pretty small.  SO, now he has a "friend" called Lou and Lou plays piggy (or horsey) :)

To be such a picky and light eater,  a lot of his pretending deals with food.  He's always giving me "food" to eat and "drinks" to drink.  Interesting.

The other day when Colt, Addie and I went to the little playground in our neighborhood, Colt was playing on the slide.  I was standing on the ground in front of him (he was taller than me).  He said "lou want a hamburger?"  I said "ummm, yes."  Then he crawled through the tunnel on the slide set came back and "gave" me a hamburger.  I ate it of course and said "yum."  Then he said "lou want fries?"  I said "no, I want apples."  He said "ok" and came back with some apples.  Yummy!  Then he said "lou want diet coke?"  This is sad, but he doesn't even know there is such a thing and regular coke:)  I had a nice little "meal" that day.

At the Miracle playground in Dothan there is a toddler table and chairs and Colt usually makes me sit with him as we "eat."

Colt's first Christmas KK gave him one of those Pottery Barn soft chairs, but what we didn't realize is that it could serve several different purposes besides being just a chair.  This may be hard to imagine, but one of Colt's favorite things to do is to scoot the chair from the wall and get between the wall and the chair.  Then he will take his pillows and make a wall, or in this case a door to enclose the space.  Then all of a sudden he has a makeshift car!  He also has toy keys (from when he was a baby) to start the car.  He usually wants a passenger or three (me, Daddy and Addie or whoever is around KK, Nana)'s quite difficult fitting in that little space.  Me and Addie usually get to ride in the front...which means sitting in the chair.  We usually go to the store, sometimes the beach and we have to fill up with "grass" (gas) ALL THE TIME!  Colt will let you know if you are in the way, he yells "better watch out, we gonna run ober lou."  Speaking of the beach, if we ever go to the "beach" we "dig" in the sand and put it in the bucket...lots of fun:)

The chair can also be a boat or a train.  If you turn it over and get on top, the possibilities are endless!

He is definitely into "daddy, mommy, baby and baby sister" these days.  For instance, if he has two big cars and other cars that are smaller, the biggest car is the daddy, next size is the mama and the small ones are the babies.  This can go for anything...such as our feet compared to his, blocks, forks, food, straws, doesn't matter...there is ALWAYS a daddy, mama and children.

Here the tall round blocks are the Daddy and Mommy and the little ones are the baby brother and baby sister.  Sometimes he will throw Daisy (our dog) in there.


Speaking of blocks, he loves playing with blocks and legos.  Here he is standing tall with one of his masterpieces...with the help from Daddy, but he is very good at building.

Colt LOVES to pretend like we are daddy, mommy and baby lions, kitties, puppies or pigs.  My least favorite is puppies because he will start licking all over us.  Yuck!  Josh, of course, is the daddy, I'm the mommy and he is the baby.  Sometimes he will switch it up and act like I'm the daddy and Josh is the mommy or he is the daddy and we are the baby.

He will come up with the craziest stuff.  Here's a picture of him with Addie's sunglasses on, her baby, and diaper packages tied to his feet.  He was swishing around the house with these packages on his feet saying he was going skiing.  We had a time getting them off him when we had to go somewhere.  People would have thought we were so strange.

Here's Colt "working" in my office.  So cute:)  Looks like he's counting a lot of money!

Colt really isn't big on playing by himself, we do spend a lot of time in his room playing.  We have two friends whos kids are obsessed with Thomas...I mean crazy about trains/tracks and will spend hours a day playing with them.  Colt hasn't shown a lot of interest in Thomas, so we haven't purchased a lot of trains.  These friends know to bring trains to our house because to find Thomas in our house (which we do have) is a task.  One friend asked me, since Colt isn't interested in trains WHAT does he like?  My response:  us:)  IF (big IF) Colt is in his room by himself, it is such a treat...or he's doing something he's not suppose to. 

Josh and I do cherish every moment with him though. 

Mmmm...I'm starting to notice something...

Nope!  Not going to give it to you this time!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My trendy little girl

This girl definitely dresses cuter than me!  Had to post these pictures:)

Alright...finally a little play

For the most part, Colt ignores Addie, but when I got an empty box out he wanted a friend to play with.  Thought these were SO cute!

They look alike right?

I LOVE how she looks at him!

Another tooth!

A few short days after her first tooth popped out...another was to follow.  No more gummy smile...

Nope, you can't see it!

Try again!

Wait a sec...

Okay, here they are!

Almost crawling!

Here is baby Addie trying so hard to crawl...she gets where she wants to go though!

The other morning, we were having a breakfast picnic on the living room floor (cinnamin rolls) and Addie decided she wanted some too.  Here she is...big girl!!  At first I didn't know where she was going.

And neither did this guy!

Eyes on the prize.

Just a little farther...Colt still clueless...

Let's try the other arm...

Yay!  Brother gave me some!  I let him btw...I thought it was soft enough for her.  She loved it!

What a sweet brother!!

7 months!

Baby girl is 7 months!  Addie weighed 20 lbs 3 oz at 7 months.  Milestones are starting to get out of hand these days.  The biggest thing I've noticed with her is she is about to be on the move.  I wasn't ready for this step yet.  She's been doing the "worm" lately but more so than Colt used to do.  If she sees something she wants she can get it.  I remember Colt traveling backwards...Addie has skipped that step.  She's going forward and staying on her knees longer and longer.  It really won't be long!  She has also moved from a laying position to a sitting position for the first time...she wasn't really phased by it but I was pretty pumped!  AND she pulled up by herself too!!  All the circumstances were right though...her feet were in the perfect position and the box that she pulled up on was the right height.  Crazy girl...she also thinks everything is hers!  If Colt, has anything she's going for it and she truly believes she owns it.  If I'm holding something she's going to try to get it with all the power she has.  Oh boy!

What she's doing now:

Eating - about 4 bottles a day up to 6 oz (but won't take all of it most of the time)
Solids - 3 meals a day...fruits are her favorite and eating like a champ!
Diapers - size 3
Clothes - 6-9 months


Trying to crawl
Sitting up on her own
Talking a little:)  started saying da-da-da

Other things:

Addie is hilarious with her little tongue.  She's always licking something, anything.  She's know for licking at daycare too.  Funny girl.  Also, when she eat and she really likes it (fruit) before every bite she will stick out her tongue for more.  Too cute!

She is holding her own bottle now too.  It's especially nice in the morning when I have limited time to get ready.  I just plop her down on the floor and give her a bottle, then she's good to go.  My first would have NEVER done this!

She LOVES her big brother...laughs/giggles at him all the time, but he doesn't pay much attention to her.  She doesn't seem to mind:)

Addie is also famous for her thick thighs...looking at her upper body she doesn't look that chunky but her thighs are where it's at!  What every girl dreams of, right?  ha!

The thumb!  Addie loves her thumb...she will take it plain but she would rather hold something...anything.  I've seen her hold a blanket, keys, coathanger (no kidding), string, necklace, paper...anything she can get her hands on.  Everything is a lovey!  She also likes to chase every bite of food with her thumb...this makes for very messy eating!

Here are some pictures of Addie at 7 months:)

Monday, April 23, 2012

First Tooth!!

Been sticking my finger in this little girl's mouth for two months now...just shy of 7 months Addie got her first Tooth!  And boy did we have fun trying to get a good picture!:)

Haha...silly girl.