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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas at the Toulmin's

We finally made it to Grandma's the weekend after Christmas.  The kids and I traveled to Hope Hull on Sunday to have Christmas with the Toulmin's.  The day was SO nice, chilly but still great to play outside...always a good thing at the farm.  Colt was pumped that we were going to the farm.  He actually told me a couple of times I was going the wrong way.  I really need to take him more often.
We ate a fantastic lunch of ham, mac and cheese and beans then opened presents.  The Corbitt's were also there, the more the merrier.  They forgot their presents....hahahahaha!  I was afraid I was going to do that but they managed to get in my car.  The kids were great!
Here's Addie looking pretty fly!  She loved her new necklaces.

I'm just realizing that Colt had on this same shirt Christmas Eve....hmmmm

Addie's favorite...bags!

Colt pryed his present open before Troy, this is him dragging it over to him to show him they got the same thing!!

Grankids with Grandpa (my Dad).  What a handful!

Now with Grandma (my grandmother)

Now for some fun outside.  While Elyse was feeding Blaine, I had these four outside.  Piece of cake when you have empty flower pots,rocks and a wagon...

So cute!  Troy is not letting go of his flower pots.

Addie and Justin

We had so much fun at Grandma's.  I know she had a fun time too having us over with all the kids:)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

No Christmas cards this year, but I did squeeze in some pictures that I COULD have used for cards if it wasn't so late:)

I love how she looks at him...hero

Christmas at the Corbitt's

It was already a long day but we made it to the Corbitt's around 1:30 on Christmas Day.  Both Addie and Colt were great.  I had to drive because we figured out if Addie can see me, she's NOT happy.  Had to deal with a screaming/crying baby all the way to Montgomery on Thanksgiving.
Everyone was finishing their lunch, so we started digging in.  It was SO good!  Elyse cooked a turkey that was fab and mamama brought her famous dressing....we also had sweet potato casserole, squash casserole.  Delicious.  I brought a lemon ice box pie and peanut butter pie.
Addie was a little fussy off the bat just from the car ride, but after a good lunch she was good to go.

See what I mean??

Just love hanging out with the Corbitt kids and Ryder because the kids are starting to get along so well.  Colt and Troy play as well as 3 year olds play together and Addie, Justin and Ryder sort of ignore each other which means for easy play:)  I'm sure when Blaine gets to playing, Addie will be right there playing with him (I hope anyway).

Justin and Addie.

Making forts.

There's always time for this...

Do you notice anything funny about his picture?

Brian and I thought it was funny Rebecca took this picture...looks like we are a family...well, we are family but married to different people.

Justin enjoying Addie's new chair.

Josh having a good time...hahah

Love Elyse's face...

Just like Addie, Justin loved playing with the boxes and paper...why do we buy them gifts I don't know!

chaos...haha.  There was a lot going on...who knows what got thrown away on accident.

Love this picture...Addie: "my hero...look he's looking at me...I love him!"  Troy "get off the toy, get off the toy, I will do everything in my power to get this kid of this toy!!"

And then there's Blaine...when they are so easy.

Addie LOVES her new chair!!

Best group shot of the kids we could get.  All the boys are wearing their superman capes that KK made!

Sisters with kids minus one who was sleeping.
We managed to leave late afternoon and Colt and Addie slept the entire way home, good for Josh and I but we were worn out!  We had a wonderful time on this special day.  Next year Josh and I agreed to not travel on Christmas but to do Christmas with family on the weekend before or after. 
AND I've got some work to (KK) gave me her old embroidery machine and some start up items...SO you know what that means...may have some late nights coming up soon!