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Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Break

Spring break 2017!! Yay. Josh and Pops headed to the Naval Academy on Monday and was heading down where we were on Wednesday when he flew in to Panama City. Nana took the Colt and Addie with her early Tuesday and Charlie and I headed to the beach Tuesday night after work. He was a little pill most of the way. He started crying 'babies, babies..." over and over until I gave him one of Addie's babies he was eyeing. As soon as I did, he started pointing to her face saying 'eyes, nose...'. So sweet. 

First night and Colt is already worn out!
Next morning we headed to the beach. It takes a while for us to get ready. I had Charlie all the way ready. But when it was time to leave he was acting sleepy, so Nana kept him at the condo for a nap. I took Colt and Addie to the water. It was nice not having the stress of watching over Charlie!
I asked Colt and Addie for a picture before they started playing. Addie ended up face down in the sand after she laid a big kiss on Colt's cheek! Hahaha

 Daddy showed up!! Yay!🙌🏻
Sweet Addie
Charlie woke up and I went to get him from his nap. He loved the ocean. So much he wanted us to let go of his hand and head out to the water by himself. 




Water was freezing but they HAD to come to the pool. 
Addie fell asleep at 6:00pm!
Next morning we went to our usual early morning spot. Big A coffee, why in the world would they name it that!  Charlie started saying 'fish' and the people there loved him!

 Then we headed out to Grayton Beach. Really pretty beach!


We got to meet up with the Hagler's for the day.  They were there for a long weekend. 


We also went to have dinner with the Chavers!  Miss them so much. 
Addie and Emma Everett
The next morning Addie Charlie and I headed to the beach again in their PJs!  We actually walked there and that's a long walk for a 5 year old but we made it. Luckily josh woke up and drove to come pick us up. 


Last day on the beach!  I wasn't in a hurry to get home so we stayed most of the day. I love this picture!

Colt worked very very hard on a dam to keep the water in. 



Before we left we hit up the Blue Mountain Beach Creamery. It was SO good!! Homemade waffle cones;)
We really had a good time!

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