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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dear Santa,

Colt "wrote" a letter to Santa.  I asked him what he wanted and wrote exactly what he said.  Here is the letter:

Soooo....looks like Colt is a little violent, but I think he's the good guy.  He like to play with his toy guns (not sure where these guns that he has even came from??).  But he will chase us around and say "shoot, shoot," then say "now, go to jail!"  I really don't entirely like it thought.  Besides that the letter is so cute!

Happy Turkey Day!

There's nothing better than a little caos during the holidays and with 5 children under the age of 2 1/2, that's what your going to get!  If you ask me, I didn't think it was that bad and sort of relaxing, but Josh has a different take on it....but he was in charge of Colt, so maybe that had something to do with it....ok, yes that had something to do with it:)

This was Addie's first road trip also, so I was a little nervous about how she was going to handle the 2 hour drive.  Packing for two was also challenging, being our first time, man, babies require a lot!  She did great though, she was worn out on Thanksgiving morning so she slept the entire time, so I got to sit up front with Josh and have some adult time:)

Thanksgiving day we went to Hope Hull to visit with my Dad's side of the family.  Going back home, I always, wish I would visit more often but never make the time to do it.  Maybe that will be my new years resolution?  We had a great time, got to see my aunts that I see maybe twice a year.  We (of course) got some photos of the kids and the day:

From the top left to right:  Troy, Colt, Justin, Addie and Ryder
 One of my favorite family photos

 Rebecca and Addie
 Isn't it beautiful, so much land!
 After Addie and I were having a sweet moment, a monster came!  The wind isn't making my hair do this!
It's Colt!  OUCH!  I thought this was hilarious (after it happened)
 All the great-grandkids with Grandma
 Colt and Troy got to ride the tractor with Grandpa (and they drove all by themselves).

That after noon we went to Wetumpka to spend the night with Papa John and KK.  We enjoyed Thanksgiving on Friday with my mom's side of the family.  The food was awesome!  Here we added two more grandchildren making 7. 

Papa John made a BIG pile of leaves for the kids to jump in.

Uncle Brian with Justin

Troy and Colt were very busy working.

Papa John and Crawford made a tire swing.

Here is the annual family picture with all the grandkids.

The Corbitt's

The Parrish's

The boys exploring.

Nick, Rebecca and Ryder

This guy's tired after all these pictures!

We made Colt take a nap at my mom's so things went a little better than at my Grandmother's.  The trip home was somewhat successful, Addie woke up around Ozark and cried the rest of the way home.  Oh well.  It was a great Thanksgiving and we have SO much to be thankful for!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Maternity Leave

Well it's over.  8 weeks when your pregnant takes forever but 8 weeks of having a baby flies by.  I tried to make the best of each moment with our sweet little Addie.  The demands of a newborn took up most of the day, but we did get out and do several things like see some friends, go to work, walk and run errands. 

I decided to make a top 10 of my most favorite moments/memories of my maternity leave:

10.  Actually getting some housework done during the week and NOT the weekend
9.    Waiting for the mail to come...I know silly, but that was part of my highlight everyday, but really opening mail was a dissappointment.  I just always thought something good was going to come.
8.    Getting things done that have been on my to-do list FOREVER
7.    Sleeping in (if we could)
6.    Being able to watch my favorite day time shows - The Today show (especially Kathy Lee and Hoda), Days of Our Lives, The Doctors, Rachel Ray, Lets Make a Deal and Ellen.  Did you know The Doctors, Rachel Ray and Ellen all come on twice in the afternoon?  They really don't want you to miss those shows!
5.    Spending almost every afternoon with the neighborhood girls.  I like to call them Desparate Housewives of Redbud Circle:)
4.    Freedom of being home and pretending I'm a stay at home mom
3.    Sleeping in (if we could) - did I mention this twice??
2.    Not showering...haha.  Although I love to shower, it just takes so long to get ready!
1.    Spending precious time with our sweet Addie of course!

It seems like I watched TV a lot but I usually was doing stuff around the house and taking care of Addie while the TV was on.  I'm going to miss my shows!!

I wanted to give a special thanks to my mom for staying with us for the first week, Nana for picking up Colt some mornings but most afternoon from Daycare, Kathy for taking care of my work at work and picking up Colt in the morning and Josh for spending SO much time with Colt making the transition a little better for him.  My time with Addie was much more relaxed and stress free because of all of you!

2 Months!

Our sweet baby Addie is 2 months already!  At her well baby check-up, she weighed 12 lbs 10 oz and was 24.5 inches long.  She was in the 75th percentile for weight, 90th for height and 50th for head circumference.  She's a growing little girl!  The Dr. said she was a very healthy girl and that she was only allowed to have two chins...check. She got one oral vaccination and three shots, which she wasn't too happy about.  She didn't handle the shots very well later that day.  We had to give her medicine and after 30 minutes of the teacher trying to console her, I had to come get her and help.  Poor thing.

What a sweet baby she is, loves to be held and talked to.  And she talks back...she really says "," so stinkin' cute!  She also "fake" coughs, I think when she does it, she's really trying to make a noise and just can't get anything out but a cough.  Her teacher also mentioned her fake cough...ha.  At this point I guess we can't tell if she's going to be as affectionate as Colt yet, but she is a lot like him so far!

What she's doing:

Eating - 5 oz mostly every three hours
Diapers - size 1, we may need to move up soon
Sleeping - as soon as she turned 2 months she decided it was time to sleep through the night!!
Paci - she will not take a paci, but she has found her thumb and REALLY likes it, we are going to have to work on this!
Clothes - 0-3 months
Activities - loves watching her mobile, likes to sit in her bouncer and swing only for a short period of time, loves her mommy/daddy holding her!!, loves to be talked to
Hair - I know this is silly but her hair is still in and growing, some pieces are almost 2 inches long. haha.  I know silly:) Oh and she still holding on strong to her ear hair....mmmmm

Honestly I thought that we would have an easy baby, it seemed like that was the trend with my friends and their second child, but she really hasn't been the easiest child.  Just like Colt she requires a lot of attention and gets it:)  We have come a long way (in these short 2 months) but I think we are getting somewhere.  She finally started putting herself to sleep without crying (thanks to the thumb)...but whatever works.  We will work on the thumb thing later. somehow.  We wouldn't trade this sweet baby for anything different though...I could just eat her sweet face up!  Gosh I LOVE HER!!  Here are some pictures of our sweetness at 2 months:

Beautiful baby!
A little too early for this.

Enjoying her mobile

AND her thumb!

Monday, November 14, 2011

First Day of Daycare

Addie had her first day of daycare today.  I didn't know how I was going to get myself and both kids ready by myself, so I already warned work that I may be late.  Addie woke around 5:50 am to eat.  I got her ready and myself ready.  We waited a few minutes then Addie decided it was time to get Colt up.  So we woke him up (unheard of).  Here is Addie waking him up:)

Here are both kids ready to go!

When I dropped Addie off in her class I was all business.  I didn't think about what was happening.  I just told her teacher all the information about her and I felt good about leaving her (because I work there too and know the girls) I didn't shed one tear.  That may sound like I don't have a heart, but I didn't want to cry.

I came to see her about mid-day and she just woke up from a nap.  She was SO happy, talking and cooing to me, it was so sweet...she was telling me about her day:)  She really likes to talk, the teacher even mentioned it.  I think she had a good day, she didn't sleep as much as she usually does with me, but she will adjust in no time.

When I came to pick her up one of the teachers was holding and rocking her.  She was definitely worn out when she got home!  This was one of the easiest nights I've had...since she's been born!

Sweet baby!

2 1/2 on 11/11/11

This little guy will be 3 before we know it!  Colt turned 2 1/2 on 11/11/11.  I was wishing we had someone in the family that had something going on on this unusual day, then it donged on me...Colt will be exactly 2 1/2!  Man time flies. 

We could just eat this little boy up, his demeanor is awesome.  He has had a lot happening in his life lately.  He moved up at school into a bigger classroom and started having actual learning time AND he got a new baby sister. 

As far as school goes, his teacher is very creative, not only does she teach them colors, animals and such, she goes beyond that.  For example, when they were learning about animals, she had all of them bring pictures of their pets to share with the class.  When they learned about doctors and what they do, they had a pretend session on getting a boo boo and doctoring it up.  All the kids had a red mark somewhere on their bodies (a pretend boo boo) with a bandaid on it.  After they completed this they got a certificate as an "Expert in Boo Boo Aid"

They also got another "stats" certificate when they pretended like they went to the doctor:

When they learned about the post man, they sent pretend letters to their parents.  So I got a letter from Colt in his box with a "real" stamp.

When they learned about fireman, policeman and the ambulance they got a fireman's hat and a certificate to remind them to call 911 and also listed mom and dad's phone numbers.

It's so cute seeing what all they are learning at school and Colt is really picking it up.  He always gets good reports on his daily report sheet...except once when his teacher said that he was talking a lot and being more of a boy.  In other words he was wild that day...haha.  But for the most part I think he's one of the calmer ones in the class.  His teacher says he always helps clean up and is good about putting everything where it's suppose to go.

I think Colt has adjusted very well with having another child to share the attention in the house.  He has had a lot of attention from his dad, since I have to attend to Addie.  He says he loves his baby Addie, and if I ever say "my baby Addie," he corrects me.  He's already protective over her.  One of his friends got close to her in her bouncer and he went over and put his arms around her and said "my baby Addie."  I actually got a picture:)

Colt has definitely changed since he's moved up at school and since Addie came along.  He's a lot louder and more "boy" than he used to be and he gets in trouble a lot more also.  It also could be the fact that he's growing up too.  He is still the sweetest thing and Josh and I LOVE him to death.  He's so smart and the way he puts his sentences together amazes us.  It's also amazing how he remembers things and loves to play pretend.

I feel a little left out because Josh puts Colt to bed every night (something that I used to do) and they have their little rituals every night.  I wish Josh could write about this but from what I know, they get PJ's on, play, brush teeth, get chocolate milk (I know...bad), then get in bed.  As Colt drinks, Josh will say "the blessing" and thank God for all his family and friends.  They name just about everybody Colt knows and if Josh misses anyone Colt will let him know.  It's so sweet.  Josh has to hold Colt's hand before he goes to sleep because he has a habit of picking his nose while he's in bed which prolongs him going to sleep.  I miss those days of getting Colt to sleep because he's so sweet, he would hug and kiss all over me:)  Now I get it bright and early in the morning when he comes in our room.  He always comes to my side of the bed and asks to get up.  Once he does he says "I want covers."  If only he would sleep later:)  We wouldn't trade these moments with him for the world.

Here are a few things I can remember that he's doing lately/discussions we have had:

I was in his room with Addie the other night and Colt found some black playdough...ugh.  I told Colt that he couldn't play with it in his room that we would have to go to the kitchen to play with it.  He then started saying "I bind my bone" (I find my phone), "I call Daddy."  He found is phone (at this point I didn't know what he was doing.  He takes an old cell phone, puts it to his ear and says "hello, Daddy play with playdough, ok, bye." I said what did Daddy say?  He said "Daddy say we play with playdough in here."  Haha!  I don't think so mister!

Josh was talking to Colt about going tee tee in the potty and told him if he did real good at school that he would get him a big surprise.  Josh asked Colt if he could choose anything he wanted what would it be.  Colt said "Santa."  Clever...Santa brings lets get Santa!

We were at a friends house one night who have a little 10 month old.  Cold and EJ were in her room, she on the floor and Colt in the glider.  He had several of her books.  He would open one, blab away (read the book)...slam in shut and say "amen."  Then grad the next one, blab away, slam it and say "amen," then on to the next.

He's on the kick of getting his guns in the house (play of course) and going around and saying "shoot, shoot" and wanting either Josh or me to run.  Then he will say "go to jail" and push us in a closet...but then he wants to get in the closet too...I don't like him "shooting" but I guess he's the police, so that's ok??

He has been asking for kisses and hugs a lot lately (probably because Addie gets a lot of my attention).  He says "I want some kiss" to me...gets my heart, after he gets his kiss he'll say "and hug." :)

We love you little buddy...speaking of, if we ever call Colt "buddy," he says "I not buddy, I Colt."  Silly boy!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a wonderful Halloween this year.  We usually don't go all out for Halloween, so when one of our friends (Mandy) came up with the idea to have our boys (Luke, Canon and Colt) be football players and our girls (Emma Everett, Tera and Addie) be cheerleaders, it made it that much simpler AND so cute!! 

Our first Fall party was at the park in our neighborhood.  Since Josh was still in the middle of football, he wasn't able to go, but I decided that I would try to take both kids on my own for the first time.  It went great!  Addie slept in the baby bjorn the whole time and Colt stayed right by my side (such a good boy).  I got a couple of pictures:)  He loved the hayride and thought it was so cool that we passed by our house. 

Here is Colt playing with the little scarecrows they had stuck in the hay bales.

The hay ride...he really did like it!

When it was time to go, I told Colt he could ride up front with me (since our house was just down the street).  While I was getting all the stuff in the car and finally got to see what Colt was doing, this is what I found.  What a good boy!

Colt had also had a little party at school with all his classmates.  It's so funny watching all these 2 year olds together.  They looked so cute!

From left to right - Preston, William, Mia, Presley, Colt and Gracie (Sam is missing)

It is a tradition to take pictures of all our friends kids together.  Since we couldn't all get together on the same day, we had 2 photo shoots.

First photo shoot:

We only got a few pictures of Colt...he was NOT into this!

Left to right: Addie, Colt, Collins and Harper

Leslie made Harper's owl outfit (except the hat).  So cute!

KK also came in town and helped us a lot!!  Love this picture with Ryder!

Rebecca and Ryder

KK and Addie

Kinley...cutest pig I've ever seen!

These kids were EVERYWHERE!  They did NOT want to cooperate but I did get this cute shot of both of them.  Ava was suppose to be a witch, but refused to put on her dress and hat.

Collins and Kinley...they stared at each other for quite some time.

Julia...she eventually started running around with the other kids.

And this is what they did...Alex, Julia and Colt.

Jordan decided that he would put Ava's witch hat to use:)


They were so funny running least they had a good time!

Second Photo Shoot:

Ok, here are all the other football players and cheerleaders.  This was a little more successful with the Toddlers...because we bribed them with candy!

Football players - Canon, Luke and Colt.  Cheerleaders - Tera, Emma Everett and Addie

One of the boys got close to Addie and Colt came to the rescue saying "my baby Addie" and "saved" her.  So sweet.


Tera, Emma Everett and Addie

Halloween night we went to the Moss's house down the street to hand out candy and trick-or-treat.  This has become a yearly tradition and is a lot of fun!  The boys went around just our part of the neighborhood in the wagon and after that we just hung out and ate.

Our cheerleaders:


Josh with Addie

We were pooped afterwards.  Colt slept until 8 the next morning...unheard of...and Addie only woke up once!