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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby Shower in Montgomery!!

My bestest friends from college and sister, Blair Coker, Elizabeth Stewart, Elyse Corbitt, Lindsay Garrison and Stephanie Nichols threw me a shower in Montgomery at Blair's house. The shower was very nice and I got to invite a lot of family/friends that may not have been able to make it down for a shower in Dothan. We had a really good time and I got to catch up with my college friends. We are currently spread throughout AL and one in FL. Blair lives in Montgomery (obviously), Elizabeth is close by in Enterprise, Elyse (sis) lives in Auburn, Lindsay in B'ham and Stephanie in Panama City Beach, FL. I got lots of good things for my little boy...lots of clothes! My mom made a BEAUTIFUL Christening gown and going home outfit for Colt!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Barry Canon Moss

Canon's Birthday!!

So I get a call from Deborah around 4:45 pm on a Thursday and my first thought was why is she calling me while I'm at work and I only have 15 minutes left. Then it dawned on me...D's pregnant and due basically any minute. So, I answered and she was already in her hospital room ready to go! I was super excited, 1) because it was D and 2) because she was the first out of our close knit group of pregnant friends to finally have her baby! She had her 38 week doc appointment that afternoon and was already 4 cm diliated so they went ahead and admitted her...she didn't really feel much that day...if it were only that easy for all of us!

Barry Canon Moss was born the evening of March 12, 2009 at 11:12 pm, he was 7 lbs 9 oz and 21 inches long. Deborah seemed as though labor and delivery was all too easy, she may say otherwise, but she was definitely calm and collected! Her reactions made me at ease about my own:) Canon's very cute and looks just like Barry (but that may just be b/c of the bald head). Now it's Alicia's turn!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My First Baby Shower - Bunko!

My very first baby shower was during Bunko on March 10 hosted by Leslie Tisdale, one of my very good friends. She was a wonderful host and I believe everybody but a couple of the bunko girls came, so the turnout was great. She made my favorite dish and side...spaghetti with the famous cumcumber salad. You don't know me very well, if you don't know that I cherish the cucumber tasty!! She also made a monkey cake which basically matched my bedding...she's so talented! AND she made a poster for Colt's room that matched his bedding and has his name printed on the top. The shower was so much fun and I got great gifts, a nice start to our growing family. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful group of girls to have in my life.

This is Leslie and the monkey cake she made (how cool)!

This is also the poster that she made that matches the nursery bedding:

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Big Surprise...

My sister Elyse is pregnant too!! I am so mad at her, not really. She has just told us that she is also pregnant and she's already 14 weeks along (I am 31 weeks here)!! Little butthole! She is due September 5th, so our babies will only be 4 months apart. How family holidays will change...for the better! They were getting a little boring:)

She came down to Dothan along with my mom to help me with the nursery. My mom and sis made beautiful curtains to go in the nursery and they match so well! Elyse only stayed for a couple of hours but wanted to tell me face to face that she's pregnant. Well she really told me by letting me scroll through her pictures in her camera, then all of a sudden there was a baby bed with bedding that she made already in her guest bedroom...yep, that's how she told me...I of course cried!! Hormones!!

Here is a picture of the nursery...under construction but almost there!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pregancy update: 30 weeks

So since I haven't really mentioned it yet...I'm pregnant! J/K, just a little overview of my pregnancy...I'm now 30 weeks pregnant. I have to say I was worried about how my body was going to react to a little being in my belly, but this experience (so far) has been amazing. We have decided on the name: Colton "Colt" Andrew Parrish. He has already shown me that he's going to be an active little fellow because he moves ALL the time. I don't really notice him moving at night so much, so hopefully he'll be a good sleeper:)...probably not though if he's anything like his Daddy!

I know this is straight bare belly, but I really like this picture:)

I feel like I should share a little bit about the beginnings of Colt. Josh and I had been married for a wonderful 4 years before we both decided it was time to expand our family...and boy did we want a little Josh and Mary running around! Well, of course God had a plan for us and for the first 10 months of trying, a baby wasn't part of that plan. After several months of dissappointments, the day finally came! But first I should mention that our best friends Barry and Deborah had annouced that they were 12 weeks pregnant on a Sunday while we were having dinner. Leaving the restaurant after hearing that news, Josh and I were happy for our friends but dissappointed, jealous, worried that it wouldn't happen for many emotions were flying. Well...little did we know that Sunday, I was in fact already pregnant!! We found out the next Tuesday when the preggers test had a little "+" on it:) YEAH!!

My due date is May 17th, which was month after tax season, so it would be just fine if he was a little early or late. The first 5 or so weeks I felt like any new timer, I worried! Not too much, but just a little. Finally around 7 weeks I began to lose my appetite, but that's about as far as my "morning sickness" went, and only lasted for a couple of weeks. I have had a wonderful pregnancy so far except for a little swelling and of course the memory loss and brain malfuctions! I have also been working out ever since I got pregnant, I believe it's really helped me and my energy levels. I have always heard that you are so tired your first trimester but I really didn't feel that, maybe it was the fact that I was on a constant high b/c I was so excited about being pregnant. I do have to say there are some days now when I just want to lay in the "big chair" and snooze a little.

Anyway, right now I can say I love being pregnant and I would do it again in a heartbeat, God willing!