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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Am I huge or not??

Just thinking - it's so funny how different people have opinions about pregnancy and how big one should be.  One day (Sunday) someone asks me how far along I am, I comment "7 months" and they say "Oh, I would have guessed you were only 5" aloud "thank you!" internal thoughts "sweet, I'm so small and I love you, let's be friends"...another day (the next day - Monday) someone asked me how long I have so I say "8 weeks," then she said "oh girl!  You look like you're about to pop!" "well, I got a little ways to go" internal thoughts "thanks a lot lady!"

I just think it's funny....but it would be nice to hear that I look smaller than I actually am (and feel) all the time, who wants to be big unless I really am big...then I suppose it's okay to tell the truth:)

Is this a hint or what?!

Somebody was very busy and VERY quiet...So I go to check it out and this is what I found:

Think he's trying to tell us something??  I do and it's not very nice!  You would think I just let him play in our bathroom for a long time, but he worked really fast!  I had to hide the soap because ALL of the bars we own keep on ending up in our shower...mmmmm...we only need one bud!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

30 Week Appointment

My 30 week appointment was once again uneventful, which I am 'a-okay' with.  This was one of the shortest yet.  My BP, iron and sugar were good and I was measuring right at 30 weeks - Okay, so I really didn't ask how I measured, I just assumed because he didn't say anything.  I've had no symptoms or scares in the past 5 weeks (since my last appointment) and I've only gained 2 pounds.  I definitely gained most of my weight in the second trimester, just not as hungry anymore and I definitely don't have room to be eating a lot.  I've been feeling great physically, it's just getting harder to pick up stuff off the floor and putting Colt to sleep is becoming a challenge.  But I do like being able to put a bowl or small plate on my belly to eat:)  Awesomeness!

Josh was very interested in my belly when I was pregnant with Colt, but this time he's a little weirded out about it.  It is very strange but so amazing all at once.  I am starting to get antsy about seeing our little girl...I mean, a girl!  When I really think about it, I get so excited.  I know I'm used to a boy now, but I did have a sister that was 10 years younger than me growing up, so I think I know how to handle a little girl too.  Josh is especially excited about a little girl...he's definitely going to spoil her and that's okay with me:) *(I think)

We talk to Colt about the new baby and he continues to call her Baby Kylee as I have posted earlier.  I think I'm going to make up a song with about Baby Addie and sing it ALL the time to see if he can catch on.  He does LOVE playing in her crib as you can see:

Here I am at 30 weeks taken with our cool new camera!  Please ignore Colt on the counter, I was ready to catch him at any moment.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Camera!!

Came home and this was sitting on my counter!!!  My most awesomest husband ever surprised me with it and I love love love it...and him:)  It's so much fun, have no idea how to fully use it yet but I'm clicking away!

Bunko Baby Shower

Tuesday was a little baby shower thrown by my too generous bunko friends.  The hostesses were Leah, Rebecca A. and Alicia.  And to sum it up...perfect!  My best friends were there and they were all too sweet and like I said generous to our family and this precious girl!  When I first drove up, this is what I found and I started tearing up??  I even said out loud to myself..."really, you're really crying??"  You can blame hormones all you want but is it really??...I mean, I think I still would get teared up if I wasn't pregnant?!

The petite fours

And the presents...

And the most important...the company...

I tried to get a picture with everyone.  Here is me and Mandy (who just had a little girl Emma Everett)

A game that was played.  Everyone was to draw what Addie is going to look like as a newborn with their eyes closed.

Me...judging the game and looking at our crazy looking baby!  Hopefully she'll be cuter than these pictures:)

Opening presents...we really liked this bag.  I was told I looked very natural:)

D and Tuan



Tuan, Rebecca, Erica, Traci, D and Jessica

The guest list...I put this together with my cricut:)

Last but not least, the hostesses, Alicia, Rebecca and Leah

And a picture I promised I wouldn't put on facebook, but nobody said anything about my blog!

The awesome gifts that we received!  Can you believe it!!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!  These are so awesome and I said our little girl was going to be cute now no matter what she looked like:)

And this basically sums it up!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"You've Got a Friend in Me"...WOODY!

My mother (KK) gave Woody to Colt for his 2nd birthday and it's been love ever since.  I really think that Colt thinks that Woody is a real person...what kid wouldn't after watching toy story.  I just wanted to share some picture of Colt and his new best friend...besides me of course...

This is on the way to daycare.  Luckily Woody stays in the car.  I thought I would have a hard time prying him away, but I told Colt that all his friends would want Woody and he would be safer in the car.

Woody taking a ride in Colt's new Jeep.  Don't worry, he has his seat belt on!

OMG!  Woody fell down!

Whew...he's ok now!

Colt loves bags so here is Woody in a bag that KK monogrammed.

This is a bad picture but it was so cute.  When we went to visit KK Colt loved getting in KK and Papa John's bed all by himself.  He took Woody and another doll to "go seep" in this picture.  I tried to get a good picture but as soon as Colt saw me he would yell at me and say "No! Colt seep"!

Morning milk and cartoons with Woody.

Another ride with Woody, this time we invited Buzz.  Buzz actually has his arm wrapped around Woody so he wouldn't fall down.  And yes, their seat belt is on!

This is Woody with Colt waiting in the waiting room at PrimeCare for Colt's strep test.  Colt keep saying "Woody sit down"

Woody helping Colt be brave in the doctor's office.

This is a little video of Colt and Woody at the doctor's.  Colt has this thing that if he hears any noise, he sort of shakes his head and says "whasat?" (what's that?)

Other things that Colt enjoys with Woody is playing "ride a little horsey," putting Woody on his shoulders and falling down (loves this??) - (actually the little boy does this in the movie Toy Story 3 but he falls on his bed), giving Woody his milk, sharing food with Woody, sleeping with Woody...well just about anything.  It's so stinkin' cute!

Monday, July 11, 2011

The New Nursery and Baby Girl's Name!

Adalynn Grace Parrish (aka Addie) will be her name!  She is excited about her arrival and she's reminding me everyday:)  She's very active but sweet about it, she hasn't kicked a bruise in my ribs just yet.  I have been working on the nursery on and off since we found out we were expecting a little girl.

Before we were even pregnant, I went to the Target website, looking for something for Colt and the home baby page pictured this too cute hot pink nursery that I just fell in love with.  Once we found out we were having a girl months and months later, I started my search on the perfect bedding and I ran across that bedding again...still loving it.  SO, I got it, it was sort of spontaneous but sort of not...and really not "me."  Here is the bedding that I purchased:

Cute right...but elegant??  So, a couple of months passed and I purchased other items to go in the room, then something hit I really LOVE this bedding for my sweet little baby girl??  What if she likes hot pink and I'm stuck with hot pink forever?  I went online to see IF I could possibly take it back (tough luck)...but YES I could, I was still in the window to return it, so I printed out the return receipt and took it back the next day.  Haha.  It was easy as pie...and meant to be.

Then I was on the hunt for another bedding set.  I wanted something elegant, simple, clean, and light.  I went to Babies R Us just to browse, knowing that what I wanted only existed online but thought I would look anyway.  You know when you have a negative attitude toward something sometimes things work out so well...if you don't want to go somewhere and you finally get there and you end up having a great what I'm getting at is I found the perfect bedding!  I was so excited about it and purchased it on a whim:)  I've been working on this nursery for some time and I know I have two more months to's nice to have this done so I can get other things done around the house before Addie's arrival.

Here is the bedding!  So elegant, light and just perfect!  The frames are Addie's name monogrammed by my cricut.  I purchased very inexpensive frames and painted them, then put some cute/pretty pink paper as a background with her initials.  The crib was Colt's old crib that's been waiting for a new baby:)

The it!  The diaper holder is also this material but I didn't get a picture of it.

 The chest of drawers was given to us by Josh's parents.  I (of course) painted it a while back, but it fits nicely in this room and it looks antique.  I left the original hardware because I liked it so much.  The basket in the corner was also Colt's from his nursery (along with all the toys already in there).

 The changing table was Colt's.  The pad cover is green, so maybe I'll break down and get a pink/cream colored one??  The wrought iron piece on the wall was a decoration that I've had for a while.  I did purchase the three baskets on the top shelf of the table (I hear girls need a lot more stuff:)  Diaper genie - already had.

 The rocker chair was also Colt's but I purchased a new slip cover in beige.  I ordered this rocker online from Walmart about 2 and 1/2 years ago and luckily they still sell it along with separate slip covers that fit perfectly.  Awesome!  The sheer light pink panel was purchased at Burlington for only $9.99!  The pillow (that matches perfectly) I found at Target...pillows cost a I'm not going to brag on that one.  But the steal is the cute little antique table that I found at Highlands Antique Mall for $40.00.  It's SOOO cute!

So cute!!
I think my decision to change was a good I need my little baby girl to make it complete:)  I didn't paint the room and don't plan on it, I think the color goes perfect with the bedding and the dark furniture.  So there's the room, sometimes (if I have time) I like to sit in there and just dream:)

Oh and back to the slight problem is that Colt still calls her Baby Kylee.  We called her baby Kylee only a few times trying it out and it's stuck in his little head...I'm sure he will learn it soon:)