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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas at the Corbitt's

We made it!  Love Christmas at the Corbitt's.  I always seem to be so tired here and it's plan to see why!  There's so many kids....ahhhhhh....


Elyse decorated so pretty!!  I never go all out like this!  I mean, are those cloth napkins?!


Charlie's love for balls is a little nuts...anything round, he wants.


Present time! Addie sitting high on one of her presents looking so happy:)


Look at Colt's sweet face.


This little toy was a hit! 


Looks like somebody misses holding a wittle bitty babay!




Loves her some babies!



 No fear on this boys face.  No one was paying attention to him, trying to get away until he realized he can't reach the peddles.


Mamama with some of the crew!


Blaine was all about the girl stuff!

It appears this one is just catching up on Facebook but in fact he's asleep!  So sly!  Can't fool me Papa! 

We made these yummy reindeer rice krispy see the small hands already diving in.


Of course we stayed the night!  Breakfast!



Christmas PJs!


Elyse had stuff to make fingerprint reindeer ornaments for all the kids!  You can't really see them but they are trying to show them off:)

It was a fun short trip as always!  On to our next adventure!

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