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Sunday, December 25, 2016



Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!! I think Santa did OKAY!  Not too much...looks like Addie got several dolls just like she wanted:)  When the kids came downstairs they came into our room first (as directed) and we all went to the living room together.  The joy on their faces was priceless.  But the funny thing is they just sat on the big chair and looked from afar smiling.  I eventually said...ya'll can go touch the stuff!  Usually you see kids dive right in!  But don't worry, they did!

Sweet Charlie's second Christmas:)

Colt excited about his new glove...nice glove!
Colt's love for a soft blanket!  He always steals the decorative ones from downstairs, now he finally has his own. 

Oh Santa knows best!  Look at all the balls!

He was so cute gathering all the balls with his legs.

 Addie has all her things layed out:)
Charlie's favorite toy! 

Marshmallows and golf balls!  Why not?

And for the second year in a's 80 degrees outside.  We finally made it out...the whole neighborhood was out enjoying the pretty weather and new toys.


Addie and I making her fairy garden.  I spot Charlie in the background playing:)

 And that's a wrap!


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