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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Jolly Jingle

Guess what we got!!  The kids have questioned why we haven't gotten an elf yet, I didn't have a good answer so here we are!  Colt and Addie got to choose one name each and we decided to just put them together to name our elf.  Colt came up with Jolly and Addie came up with Jingle.  Perfect...Jolly Jingle.  Addie had a hard time getting used to calling him that.  We have watched "The Elf on a Shelf" several times and their elf is named Chippy.  So she called him Chippy a lot!  The first night we read the Elf book and all the touching, he will report to Santa every night on how the kdis are doing and behaving, and he appears in a different spot by morning.  So after naming him and going over the book, Jolly Jingle was alive!  The first morning we found "JJ" reading his book to all the other Christmas characters...pretty smart on his behalf.  Maybe they will stay out of his way.
I didn't take a picture of JJ every day, but I did capture some cute ones.  Here he's digging into someone's skittles.


Aw, this one is so sweet...holding baby Jesus.

Oops!  I JUST bought those.



On the last night, JJ sent a note and at the end he lets the kids know they can touch him for the whole day until he returns to Santa.  Oh the excitement!!!


We will miss JJ, until next year!


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