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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas at Nana and Pops'

Christmas Eve tradition, supper at Nana and Pops' and present time!  Kids were so excited:)


Charlie didn't know what to think.



Addie loves laying all her things out.



They were both most excited about getting an "iPad."

Charlie loves all his new things.  He was most excited about a little ball he got and a stuffed lamb with a nice tag on it.

Nana not really sure what's she's about to open.

The Grands without Ayla...Tyler, Charlie, Colt, Addie and Fisher.

Our family:)
Josh and I...he has been saying we never get a picture together and he is right!
It was a fun night full of yummy food and excitement opening presents.  I remember how excited I used to get as a child.  Now off to bed and to see what Santa brings in the morning!

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