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Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Fun!

Christmas fun!  Making those memories with our sweet family.  We try to soak up these times but time flies.

Addie in her swimsuit working on the ginger bread house.  Colt wrote on a note on it giving it to Santa.


Charlie helping me wrap a gift.  He was holding the paper down for me.

Colt's school Christmas gift to me, he truly can't be any sweeter!

So I was feeling very crafty this year and spotted these cute plates that were super cheap!  I decided to make personalized plates for all our neighbor friends and they turned out SO cute!

 Making Christmas you can see by most pictures Addie has a hand in everything!


This one:)...pretty sure we can wear this next year!

Photo opp!  I think Josh is holding the wrong sign!

DeAnna's idea to make this cute little Santa's!  FYI, you need a LOT of salt!! 
My favorite and least favorite part...painting.

Colt, Addie and Charlie...Charlie's is SO cute!

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