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Friday, August 26, 2011


Everyone has told me to make sure I remember this, so here I am.  The title is very eye catching, but I will preface it with...I didn't poot!

I was putting Colt to sleep the other night, sitting in his Pottery Barn chair as he was laying on my chest...probably almost asleep...then all of a sudden he sat up looked at me and said in a very sweet little voice "Mommy pooted?"

Honestly I didn't, he must have heard something...I truly would have fessed up to our 2 year old son, so in all honesty I said "no, Mommy didn't poot."

Still sitting up in my lap, all in my face...he paused for a moment then said in a much sweeter quiet voice... "Lil bit...Mommy pooted, little bit?"

Geez Mom admit it, it's just me and you...come did it didn't you!!

Gotta love that kid!  I had the hardest time not falling over laughing, but I managed to keep my composure and told him "yes, Mommy pooted."  Then he layed back down in satisfaction:)

Bad Word!

Last night as Colt and I were playing all of a sudden he said (and he always talks in 3rd person) "Colt say bad word." 

I was thinking what the heck is he about to say, should I stop him, should I let it play out??  Then as he pursed his lips and his eyes got big, it came....and I quote:

"BAD WORD!!!" innocent!

36 Weeks

Time has flown but it's starting to slow down!  I've had two doctor appointments since my last post.  Since they are getting closer together, I thought it was a little much to post about every single one.  They have been uneventful, praise...praise:)  I've gained a few more pounds...I think I'm up to 25 lbs so far, not bad I suppose with only 4 weeks left (hopefully only 3).  I'm getting very anxious, in a sense of just being plain ready, than I was before.  I find myself staring at the calendar a lot these days, which doesn't help the situation!

I'm trying to stay busy which I've got a little sidekick that helps me do that.  Speaking of the little sidekick, he has been the sweetest big brother imaginable (I know things may change after the arrival).  Colt kisses my belly and wants to rub it.  When I ask him if he wants to have a little sister, he pauses, smiles and nods his head:)  I asked him if he is going to love Baby Addie and he said "yes!" along with his usual pause, smile and nod.  He loves going in her room and getting in her crib or the changing table and always asks for me to put a blanket over him...saying "Colt need more" until all the blankets that she owns are on top of him.  I love that little fella!!

Even though I look a little sleepy (sorry) or washed is a picture of me at 36 weeks.  I feel a lot bigger than the picture shows!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Last Trip to the Beach

Since football is now underway, and Colt and I have been spending a lot of time together I 1) wanted to take him to the beach one last time and 2) just needed some entertainment to get me through the weekend (being 8 months pregnant!)  Because I didn't (couldn't) make the trip alone, Nana and Pops planning on going this past weekend for one last trip also (before Alabama and High School Football started).  I wanted Colt to have a friend to play with so (last minute) asked my sister Elyse if she wanted to make the trip down also.  Crazy enough, she said yes!  I wasn't expecting that because she always has something to do.

Nana, Colt and I headed down to the beach Friday morning and this is what Colt did on the way down there (plus he had a little nap too).  He's got it made!

When we got there, we headed to the pool.  Nana kept Justin (Elyse's 5 month old in the condo)

I love this picture of Colt, but I especially love the little head in the background...Elyse!
 They have showers at the pool that the kids loved!

Pops is SO good with the boys!  He watched and played with them the entire time in the pool:)  He also took Troy in as one of his sweet!

Someone is in "Heaven!"

This is priceless:)

Funny, when you ask Colt and Troy to hug (for no reason) they do it:)

Nana actually came out to play on the beach Saturday!  This is so sweet!  Pops had to go back to Dothan for the annual Football Camp, so Nana had to step in and take his place.

The thrill of the beach!

Nana sitting on the shore with Colt is truly a momentous occasion!

Justin's first time in the how Troy is watching with his little feet up.

Mmmmm...where's Troy...there he is!!!

Colt and Troy found a lot of entertainment with the Dominoes.  Troy thought that they were little telephones, so here they are calling their Daddy's:

 "Mmmm...that's very interesting Daddy"

Sunday...Pops' turn!!

Getting buried in the sand.

I think Pops had just as much fun as the boys.

We didn't last as long at the beach on Sunday, I think the boys were worn out!  Elyse, Troy and Justin left shortly after we got back in and I let Colt take a good nap before we headed back...3 1/2 hours!  The last trip to the beach was awesome, the weather was great and the ocean was clear and calm.  Colt and Troy played so well with each other and it was so nice that he had someone to play with:)

My sister got some great photos of both boys sitting on the beach together.  I will post those as soon as I can steal them:)  I can't wait to see them!

Thank you to Nana, Pops and Elyse for a wonderful weekend!!

P.S. Sorry, no pictures of me:)  I got dirty too though...actually helped build a sand castle (that kept on getting knocked over...thanks Troy!)

FBC Baby Shower

FBC threw our family a little baby shower this week and it was SO much fun!  We have a staff birthday party every month and this month was mixed with a baby shower - I didn't mean to take away from the birthday guys!  Anywho, it was SO sweet and nice of everyone to think of us and our little girl.  Men were also invited to the shower and I was wondering how it would turn out because I know they are not interested in that sort of thing AT ALL, but they just kept to themselves and glanced over after I had to yell at them to thank them for the gift...haha.  Here are some pictures from the shower...I got so many cute things!!  Addie is spoiled rotten!!

One of the secretaries made this (Diane) with her cricut:)  I love that she and another lady have one so we can share ideas.

The Ladies (most of them anyway)

The cute baby cake

Isn't it amazing what they can do with fondant!

The Men...haha, they are really enjoying themselves;)

Opening presents, I get excited about diapers!

I had to display them when I got home.

Thank you FBC for a wonderful shower!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Moving Down to Move Up

Colt has been attending FBC Child Development Center since he was 1 year old.  There are 2 floors to the CDC and Colt has been on the 2nd floor, which is actually the same level as the street, ever since he started.  He has been in several rooms...3 actually and have had wonderful teachers - Miss Jessie, Miss Kaylee, Miss Candace and Miss Jordan.  I think it's awesome that all his teachers are still here.  We are really going to miss them, but the time has come to move on up...or down because he will actually go downstairs to Mrs. Laura's and Mrs. Caressa's class.  He and 8 other 2 year olds, which includes 6 boys and 2 girls.  After discussing this "boy" situation with the CDC director, she told me that there are 24 two year olds and only 6 of them are girls...sooo, with three two year old classes, each class gets two girls - nice! 

I have mixed emotions about the move-up because I have heard that at this stage in life they really start becoming more independent and just plainly growing heart tells me it's not time for him to grow up but with little Addie coming maybe it is...or can I keep both of them as babies??  Ok, yes I will do that especially at home...because Colt is our little baby and so stinkin' sweet!

The move up has been wonderful!  We are now in the second week and amazingly Colt just walks in his classroom without hesitation.  It is true what they told me about them moving downstairs, they really do become more independent.  I have had issues with Colt crying EVERY SINGLE DAY when I dropped him off before and he has not cried yet in his new class.  Actually one day, I was talking to his new morning teacher and a couple of times I would say "ok Colt, I have to go to work now," then I would get caught up in something else with the teacher.  Colt finally started pushing me toward the door and said "go, Mommy."  WHAT!!  Never has he ever!  I was ok with it too, I think because we have struggled dropping him off everyday, that this was a nice change:)

Also when I pick him up, he always says "hey Mommy" and continues to play, which once before he would come running to me and didn't want to let go.  Crazy!

Apparently he loves it, he comes home singing songs (that I have to ask the teacher what they are the next day) and is worn out at night.  Things are going great!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mowing with Daddy

I just thought this was SO cute and had to capture the moment.  Colt thought he was so big helping Daddy...oh and his feet are STILL grass stained!

More plates with the cricut

My mom came this past weekend and she wanted to see my cricut in action.  I happened to have some plates I purchased at Big Lots for $0.80 a peice and we started playing a little.  This is what we came up with.

It was so much fun having someone to do this with!

Time with Ryder

Becca and Ryder came to visit the other day and we got some sweet shots of the two of them.  Colt loved Ryder!  And I think Ryder was a little mezmorized with Colt!

Colt loved sharing his wagon with Ryder...finally someone that can sit in the same seat as him.

Colt showing Ryder how to play with his train.  So sweet!
 I just love how they are sitting so close:)

 Colt giving Ryder his bottle.
 Then he said "Colt can't do it"  Haha...he really didn't try too hard.

They are just too cute!!

Especially made by KK

Here are the oh so cute and sweet burbcloths and monogrammed/appliqued onsies made by my mom (KK) for Adalynn. 

There are actually three onsies on the right that are monogrammed and appliqued, but "someone" was helping me take the pictures so I wasn't able to separate them.

She has never done the ruffles on a onsie before and she did awesome!!

Thank you KK!!