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Friday, August 28, 2009

Northview vs R.E. Lee

NHS lost to R.E. Lee...I won't elaborate 1) b/c they lost and 2) b/c I wasn't there. Josh got home after 3 a.m!! Crazy...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It was bound to happen...

It all started with daycare! I've posted in the past that Colt got hoarse, then congested, then congested with a cough after just 1 week at daycare at the end of July. Well, I just waited it out and thought that he was getting over his cold and was doing great. Earlier this week, he got an eye cold. Then this past Tuesday night, his head felt pretty hot, so I took his temp and it was 101.4. I've heard that if they've had a cold then get a temperature to get them checked out, that it could be serious. Also, you can't be too cautious with this flu epidemic going around.

So, Wednesday I called Dothan Peds and they had me bring him in since he's so young. Let me tell you, Dothan Peds was CRAZY! I'm no germaphobic, but I was so nervous having Colt in there AND we had to go to the sick patient waiting room...ugh! They really should have a room for infants b/c they don't run around and spread the germs that those little toddlers/kids do. We waited for quite some time. While we were waiting, these two young kids bombarded me and wanted to look at Colt. They touched all over his car seat while their mom was saying "no don't touch that"...but she NEVER got up to get her kids away from me. I mean, didn't she see that I was holding a little baby??? Obviously, she's been through it too...come on!

Once we got called back to the Dr. Benak's room, I sprayed the car seat down with Lysol. The Flu test was negative thankfully. All of his systems pointed to an ear infection...prolonged cold, eye cold, temperature. He checked his ears and at first couldn't see a think due to ear wax build-up. He had to get the nurse to come back and flush out his ears. I've never seen this procedure done before...pretty neat. They take this big syringe filled with water and literally flush their ears out. OMG...the wax that they flushed out was RIDICULOUS!! Oh my! Once they were done I said "Colt, it's me...,can you hear now?" I really don't see how he could hear anything with all that crud in his ears...gross! He seemed to like it in one ear, but screamed when she did the ear on the same side as his eye cold.

The conclusion to the doc's visit was an ear infection. Thankfully, we know what it is and can treat it. He started antibiotics last night and has to take it for 10 days. So, next Friday is his last day. He doesn't seem to mind it...but about an hour after I gave it to him last night, I fed him, and I think he threw everything he ate up...all over me:( It was the worst, it actually wen all the way down my jeans to my ankles:( Poor thing. We've been giving him Tylenol for fever and saline spray for his stuffy nose. This morning he seemed pretty good, but tonight he has been pretty fussy:(

On the other hand, Josh had his first game tonight against R.E. Lee in Montgomery. We were advised or told not to go. I hate we've missed his first game as OC, but doctor's orders! For the occasion, we did sport our new Northview onsie! It's the least we could do! Keep in mind that he doesn't feel good.

Go Cougars! Hope they win!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend with KK and Papa John

We just spent a wonderful weekend with KK and Papa John in Wetumpka! I had CPE in Montgomery on Friday and mom took off to watch Colt for the day. A much needed weekend to do a little catching up...I think it's been another month since my mom has seen Colt:( They had a great day on Friday, except for the fact that mom had a little sleepy baby on her hands. I think he slept more than she anticipated, but she said that he was SUCH a good baby. My sister Rebecca was also there. She was just getting over the FLU, so she didn't get to hold him...I don't want to be overprotective, but we are talking about the Flu and a 3 month old...they don't go well together!
These are some of the things that we did this weekend:
We talked and laughed with KK.

We showed KK how he can hold two rattles at the same time.

We watched a little football on TV and LOVED it!

We read a book with Papa John.

KK made Colt a new outfit!!

KK made Northview outfits for his first football season...Dad (Josh) is the OC (offensive coordinator).

We played copy cat withKK (Colt was making noises with his lips like Mom:)

I know the cougar outfits don't look like much, but they took FOREVER to make! One is for Colt and the other is for the Head Coach (Wayne White) and his wife Cara's little boy, Tucker. They're going to match:) Mom and I didn't know what all her machine could do, so it took us a good 5 hours to just make the design! So, Colt is going to wear his to EVERY game! They turned out really good though!
KK also made another Sunday bubble for Colt that is beautiful! It's in the pile to iron so I will post that later on.

We had a great weekend...but sad to say we left Josh behind b/c he's very busy with football. Northview had their Jamboree against Caroll (Ozark) on Thursday night. I hated missing...but they ended up winning 21-0!! Nice start to the season. The next game is this Thursday in Montgomery. Ugh...I will miss that one too:( 1) it's on Thursday night, 2) I've got CPE that day and til 5:00 3) I've got CPE the next day...I just can't swing it!

Since Josh wasn't with us all weekend he sure did miss our little fella...I felt so bad for him. When he got home around 7 on Sunday...he also did a little catching up...

3 Month Pictures

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures that we got from Sears...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Multi-purpose pillow

The boppy pillow can be useful for all sorts of things...feeding, tummy time, sleeping, sitting up...and when it's unoccupied, it's got to be used right? It's great for a little dog to curl up in...well, make that two dogs. Gizzy and Daisy usually fight for the spot...but looks like they compromised and decided to share. Thanks for teaching little Colt a lesson Gizzy and to share 101...please observe:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Other Firsts

So I can't believe that I haven't mentioned this, especially how obsessed I am over my child. But, he rolled over from his tummy to his back last Saturday for the first time. Well, the first time I saw him. He was just waking up in his crib and I happened to go in his room to watch him b/c he was starting to get a little fussy. All of a sudden he kicked just right and rolled on over. I said "well, hey there" and he just smiled back, I'm sure it was comforting when he saw I was there instead of being by himself after such a big accomplishment.

Also, last Sunday we tried to Jumperoo for the first time AND he loved it! It's amazing to me how babies change so fast. I tried the jumperoo after we purchased it and he hated it mainly b/c he wasn't strong enough to hold his head up and he was very unstable. I feel like that was just the other week and now after I put him in it, he couldn't get enough of it. I know it's going to be a life saver in the mornings when I'm getting ready for work. See some pictures below in the jumperoo...oh and I'm sure I will catch him on video and post the video later:)

Which finger(s) should I choose?

Since Colt discovered his hands a few weeks ago, he has now discovered that those hands can open up and he has fingers...and fingers are fun to suck on! Right now, it looks like whatever finger he gets in there first is what he's going to suck on, but the thumb is looking rather promising. I know I should probably push the paci on him b/c you can take that away from them later on but when he sucks his thumb it's just too darn cute! I just can't do it.

He started sucking on his thumb this past Thursday night. Here is a picture of him with his new found thumb and another picture a few days ago sucking his middle fingers. I just love it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beethoven who?

I mean did he play the piano with his feet? Don't think so, check out this little fella!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We got a new mobile a couple of weeks ago and Colt LOVES it! See video below:

Bath time fun!

I started recording bath time b/c Colt was laughing like crazy so I was trying to catch him on film. Well of course he didn't laugh but he was super excited being in the water. This was the first time he really started splashing. I think we're going to have to move the baby tub to the bathroom! Water got all over the counter:)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Love this picture!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3 Months

Colt is now 3 months old (as of yesterday). Since he doesn't go to the doc at 3 months, I weighed him and he is now 14 lbs 10 oz. Big boy, but he's only gained 1 lb since his 2 month check-up. I think he's bigger than Canon and Ava at 3 months of age, not sure about Luke. I just posted an update of all the things he's doing at 12 weeks so I will add just a few more things.

What he's doing now:

Eating 5 oz every 3 hours
Wearing some 0-3 month clothes & 3-6 month clothes (depending on the brand)
Size 2 diapers
Sleeping through the night
Sleeping less during the day
Taking naps on his belly
Sucking on his hands
Grabbing at objects
Loves watching his mobile
Loves to be talked to
Losing some of his hair:(

He had his first real laugh on Saturday (8/8/09). I was holding him face down while Canon was lying on the floor and he laughed at Canon while I was making him get close to Canon and bringing him back up. It was so cute!

He also has experienced his first cold. I believe that he got it from the one week he spent at daycare. He started out being hoarse, then the sniffles, then congested and now he's congested and has a rasping cough, but no fever, thank goodness. I've read that there's not much you can do for them this young except keep them a little elevated at night, use a humidifier and just wait it out. I hear him coughing all through the night, but he never cries:) Poor thing.

Well, tummy time has improved. I found this cute little tummy time mat for those babies that hate tummy time. It's got an elevated "seat" that spins and a mat that has different toys to play with. It's the cutest thing and he seems to really take to it. See picture below (this picture is from yesterday, so this is what he looked like at 3 months):

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Three Amigos

We've only done this a few times, but we have gotten together to go run with the babies. It's so funny seeing people's reactions when they see three mama's, three babies (all boys) and three jogging strollers. Deborah and Mandy had been doing Cross Fit more and a lot often than I have just because of the timing of things such as having a baby more recent, work, etc., but I will try to go running with them on the running days. We run a 5k, which is pretty tough behind a jogging stroller. Luckily my jogging stroller doesn't weigh as much as there's and it has huge wheels for easy rolling and turning. It's a lot of fun and it's nice to have motivation from at least one of the three of us. With this weather, we really need it! Since I've been running, none of the babies have had an episode, yet...cross your fingers. They usually fall asleep out of pure boredom. We haven't gotten a picture of us (the mama's) yet, b/c we look pretty rough after running (guess, we could do a before hand picture??). Here is a pic of the three boys, from left to right it's: Canon, Luke & Colt.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Going to Daycare...

Since Nana and Pops went to the beach this past week, we had to make arrangements for Colt to go to daycare. Luckily, Covenant let him go just for one week. The week went great, the nursery ladies (Brenda and Marie - I think I got their names right - how horrible!) said he was such a good boy...tell me something I don't know. Just kidding, I was worried that he wouldn't be good, but apparently he was. They said that he wasn't much of a napper...just cat napped here and there. Haha! Nana said you can't learn if you are asleep, so let's hope he's going to be smart since he spends a lot of time looking around and learning.

Of course, I've taken pictures of the morning of his first day of daycare and with Marie. He seems pretty darn happy to leave me. And my sister Elyse made this outfit:)

They have a sheet for each baby that includes bottles (time and ounzes), naps (from - to), and diapers (dirty, wet, dry). We have now incorporated these sheets with our daycare at home and Nana said it's working great! Oh, I haven't mentioned that now that school has started (well teachers anyway) Nana is watching Canon also during the day (Barry and D's little boy). So having these sheets helps keep up with their schedule, even though there's only's a lot to remember!

More Pictures from Elyse's Shower

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Lil' Sum'm Sum'm for Mom!

Two of my best friends from college, Lindsay and Blair, came to visit and meet Colt a couple of Friday's ago and brought me a little surprise. It's a "Mommy" wine glass and it's so cute! You can't read all the sayings from the picture but there are comments like "forget the pickles and ice cream, I'm craving WINE, Mommy's sippy cup, ooohh baby, hot mama, etc. It's so cute! Well I used it for the first time last night. I also had to put something in it, so I went to Target and found a wine calle "Middle Sister"....that's me! Though I'm not the black sheep...I'll leave that up to my younger sister, but it definitely was calling my name! It was pretty good too...I would buy it again. Thank you, Blair and Lindsay!!

I forgot to get pics with Lindsay and Blair...dang it!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Going Home" outfit

I meant to post this previously, but my mom made this outfit for Colt to go home in. Now, it's being passed down to's a little bitter sweet. Bitter b/c Colt can't fit in it anymore and sweet because it's so special that his cousin Troy will wear it and hopefully more to come!! Isn't it beautiful!!

I will be putting it in the mail soon, b/c Troy is scheduled to arrive in less than 5 weeks!!
Here are some other outfits that my mom made Troy for the past shower, there's one missing b/c we wrapped it before I got the chance to take a, I'm getting the itch to sew!

Monday, August 3, 2009

12 weeks...

Today Colt is 12 weeks old. In the past couple of weeks he has:
1. Discovered his hands
2. Batting and grabbing at objects (see previous video)
3. Has become interested in his toys
4. Taking naps on his own
5. Sleeping 8+ hours a night (last night he slept from 9:30 to 6:30)
6. Bringing object to his mouth
7. Has started noticing our dogs, Daisy and Gizzy
8. Blowing bubbles
Here are some pictures of him at 12 weeks:

Funny faces. I've noticed when he concentrates on one of his toys, he makes a really funny face:

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trips, trips and more trips

For the past three weekends, we have been on the go and on the road... I'll try to make this short and sweet!


Three weekends ago, Josh and I felt this overabundance of JEALOUSY!! All our close friends (well not all of them) took a trip to Mexico for a 5 day vacation (Ed and Leslie, Barry and Deborah, Traci and Lance, Mandy and Kyle and Alicia and Sam). I just wasn't ready to leave Colt especially since I'm still nursing...I mean how much fun would that be for me!! AND I just got back to work after an 8 week maternity leave, how was I suppose to ask off another few days ?? We have taken a group vacation like this a couple of years ago and it was the talk of the, Josh and I had to get out of town. We went to Destin, FL with JoAnn (Josh's co-worker), Benji and their three kids (MacKenzie (10), Rayna (2 1/2) and Ella (8 mos)) for a nice little weekend get-away. We stayed in a little bungalo, I like to call it, in Sandestin right on the golf course. Well, with four kids (including a 2 month old - Colt), there was a lot of 'tending' to and we didn't even make it to the beach!! So, we can't count this as Colt's first trip to the beach...oh well. I guess the highlight or the lowlight of the weekend was looking for a swaddle...yes, I forgot the swaddle and Colt woke up twice on Friday night. Another highlight was eating at PF Changs...yum!! Now that was a true highlight! I'm sure it doesn't come close to going to Mexico, but a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!! Here is a picture from the weekend (I really didn't get a lot)...this is Colt and Ella playing on the floor.

Oh, I should mention that since Colt does a lot of grunting and moving around during the night...we put his pack-n-play in the closet!! Sorry boy, Mom and Dad gotta have their sleep!


As I have mentioned in the past, my sister Elyse is preggers and due in September. I helped host a shower in Auburn two weekends ago. 7 of her other friends also helped and did a wonderful job!! I can see now why family members really don't help with showers, especially if you live in a different town. I felt like I didn't do much at all, but Elyse's friends made me feel like I did just plenty. I was responsible for taking the pictures and I think I took over 100:).

Friday night Colt and I headed to Wetumpka to stay at my moms (K-K's) house. We had such a great time. I wish her and John lived closer so they could see Colt more's so sad! Then
Saturday we headed off to Auburn where the shower was held. The shower was SO nice and little Troy (Elyse's boy) got so many great things. We got to see both my grandparents (Mamama and Grandma), my cousins Jennifer and Evelyn, Jennifer's kids Eve and Reagan, my Grandmother's sister, Mary and her daughter Morning...and they all enjoyed meeting Colt for the first time. He was such a good baby too, he even took a nap on the couch right in the middle of the shower...they can sleep through anything!

After the shower we went to Brian and Elyse's house to re-open all the presents she got...he's going to have everything!

Colt and Troy shared their first picture telling what's to come!

Here are some other pictures:

Mamama (Great-grandmother) and Colt

Evelyn (Second cousin) and Colt

Eve, Reagan (Second cousins) and Colt


This past weekend we headed down to Blue Mountain Beach with Josh's family. Pops and Nana have a condo at The Village of Blue Mountain Beach and they try to take a week off every summer to go down there. Hunter, Jennifer, Tyler and Fisher were also staying for the weekend also. The condo has 4 bedrooms and can sleep around 11 people so it's very nice!

The first night Nana, Pops, Josh, Colt and I ate at Goatfeathers right down the street...I would really not recommend this place mainly because its way over priced, the floors were filthy and it was rotting fish and oysters...the food was ok, but definitely not worth the price! We also ate at The Crab Trap and had a shrimp boil by the pool of the condo the other two nights. The weather was pretty pleasant except for the humidity, it rained on and off so it wasn't too terribly hot.
Here is a picture of us while waiting at the Crab was such a beautiful evening (as you can see) sister made the little "peas in the pod" bubble:)

Saturday morning (early), Colt and I ran down to the beach, which is probably around 3/4's of a mile. By this point Colt had not even seen/touched the water or the I was bound and determined to make it happen. We got down there and put his feet in the sand and the water...he reallydidn't have a all! But what's a little 2 1/2 month old suppose to do anyway?? It's just so I can put it in the baby book:) If anyone has ever tried to hold a baby right next to the roaring shore, put his feet in the water and sand and take a picture without getting washed's rather difficult...and yes we almost did get washed away, Colt got a little wet, but he didn't seem to mind. Luckily a lady (who was a photographer) took our picture for us:)

After we got back from our run, Colt was worn out and joined his Daddy...who was still asleep...lucky dog, in can see where he was still a little wet from where the waves snuck up on us!

All weekend Colt was a little angel! He slept all night, every night (even through the thunder), cried very little and was so happy. He did get a lot of attention though with so many babysitters. He started taking naps all on his own, all we would do is put him on his stomach in Nana & Pops room and he would go right to sleep! Vacations are a lot more enjoyable with a good baby!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Something new...

Just this past week, Colt really started reaching and batting at objects. He tries so hard to grab the hanging toys and gets better and better everyday. Soon he will be really good at it. See video of him with his hanging toys.