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Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Friday!!

No work and no daycare and no Josh (he went to work getting ready for Spring Training).  Colt and I had to find something to do.  So we started the day by cleaning some much needed dirty bathrooms.  I was hesitant on doing this, but I knew I didn't want to do it Saturday or Sunday so I thought I would see what happened.  He was actually a good little helper.  I usually wait until he's either asleep or use my Fridays when he's at daycare to get some house work done.  Here he is helping me clean the toilets...this kept him preoccupied for a long time, but I had to keep a good eye on him because he likes to grab the end of the toilet brush...yuck!

I do want to teach him to help around the house and help in the kitchen (cooking or cleaning) so hopefully one day he will be a good husband!

After all this hard work, we decided to go to McDonald's playplace.  There has been maybe one other time when I took Colt somewhere to eat by myself and I think we went to Chik-fil-a, who also has a play place.  Colt chose what he was going to wear...but then I told him he had to wear pants and a shirt!

We had a really good time at McDonald's.  There was a little girl there that helped Colt get around the PlayPlace.  I only had to go down the tunnel slide twice.  Colt ate nothing and I ate both my meal and his pancakes.  It's his fault that he didn't eat any of his food!

Next we were off to play with Luke!  I decided since we've moved and don't have a big pool anymore that I would get Colt a little pool because he LOVES the water so much.  Colt had a blast, but I don't think Luke took to the water quite like Colt did:)  Listen how Colt counts to "3," he skips "1" and "2."

We also found a frog that Luke and Colt were amazed with, although Colt kept on calling it a "bug."  They both didn't want to touch or hold the frog until I played with it a little to show them that it wasn't going to hurt them.  When it was Luke's turn to hold the frog, it bounced on his chest which was followed by little melt down on his part...he didn't like that at all!  I can see where he gets it from because his mom was a little freaked out by the teeny tiny little frog too:)  They really liked to keep this furocious frog in this little bucket:

After nap time, Colt and I needed to get out.  We ran into the Blanks and Julie at PetSmart.  I've taken Colt to PetSmart before because I think it's a great place to learn and see the animals.  They only have fish, hamspers, mice, birds and cats (and maybe a couple of other things), but he still loves looking.  We thought this was so sweet that Colt and Julia were looking at the hampsters together.  It was almost like they were telling each other about them:)

After this, the Blanks went with me to Old Navy (this was the purpose of my trip anyway) to get some bigger tank tops.  After Tuan and I purchased our tank tops, somehow we ended up sitting on the bench in the front of the store while Colt and Julia played with their big dice that they got out of the "gum ball machine"...oh for about 20 minutes.  We kept on laughing at ourselves but we weren't moving because the kids were having so much fun throwing those die (sp) around.

When we got home, Colt got in his pool again...haha.  The water was freezing!  That night we cooked out with some of our neighbors in the park and it was so nice outside, but Colt had a long day and fun day with me, so we ended the night early:)

We had a great Good Friday!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Project for Colt's Room

I have a cricut I've been neglecting lately, so I decided to dust it off and get to work.  Since we've moved (I will eventually post on that), Colt has his very own big boy room.  And it's a little plain.  I've been getting these daily emails from Zulily and one day there was a special on personalized canvases with different sorts of things on it like a bull dozer, bike, boat, cement truck, etc. and they were so cute!  I think they were about $40 or so a peice.  Not really bad, but I started really looking at it and most of the shapes were basic shapes - squares, circles, rectangles, get it:)

My friend Mandy had a Thomas the Train party for her little boy Luke.  She had made a birthday sign with Thomas on it with "George Basic Shapes" cricut cartridge.  Soooo, I was going to attempt to do my own transportation vehicles.  I decided to do 4 canvases and have a letter on each one.

I drew the plans first of course and tried to make each one a basic shape so I could pull this thing off.  Then I labeled what color everything was going to be.

Then I purchased 4 canvases (14" x 14") from Hobby Lobby and painted each one alternating blue colors.  I then started with the eastiest (I thought) - the tractor (bull dozer) and started getting to work and guessing on the size of everything.

This one is one of my favorites:)

I guessed and peiced all of the transportation vehicles together except the train.  I actually had a cartridge that had a train, I just manipulated it a little to fit on the canvas.  I am proud to say that I found a little flower that I made the train "puffs" out of:)  Rebecca helped me decide to have each one holding a letter because I wasn't sure how I was going to get Colt's name on them.  To finish it off, I painted a clear sealer on top to make it shine and look like I purchased it from someone that knew what they were doing.  It turned out SO cute!

And it matched his bedding perfectly!  I meant to make sure it did, but I forgot when I got excited about doing it altogether AND I just used what I had.

Total savings: $145.00!! (estimated)

Monday, April 18, 2011

IT'S A....


I racked my brain thinking of a fun way to spread the news...but this is just plain fun all on it's on!! 

We had an early ultrasound Friday a week ago, and Josh and I thought that it would be fun to keep it a little secret.  That way we could let the news soak in before getting calls/texts and so we could talk about it, just the two of us.  Before we went in, Josh and I discussed what we thought it would be (which we've done several times, but one last time before we actually knew).  Josh thought boy right away because all of our friends are having girls.  He mentioned that our friends Barry and Deborah had a boy then a girl and Kyle and Mandy had a boy and are due to have a girl in June, so there's no way we could have a girl too.  I agreed with him, but between me and my sisters, our family is ALL boys, so my thoughts were someone has to have a girl! 

As soon as the ultrasound tech turned the screen over for our viewing, she was pointing out the legs and such...I knew from that moment we were having a girl...but I didn't say anything and just let her tell us.  YEP!  IT'S A GIRL!  Wow, I really can't beleive it.  I fell in love with her right then and there.  I think Josh was a little weirded out by me and how excited I was, but I really didn't care at the time:)  I remember when I was pregnant with Colt, my mind was completely consumed with baby, baby, baby...but this time I sometimes have forgotten that I'm pregnant at all.  Since we found out that we will be bringing home pink instead of blue...well, my mind is consumed again with baby, baby, baby!   

I honestly had a feeling we were going to have a girl, but of course I wasn't sure.  I have felt so different this time around (not in a good way) and just thought surely this can't be another boy.  I also really wanted a little girl, I would have been happy with a boy and it sure would have made things a lot easier, but having a girl or having a different gender than your first is SO exciting!

Here is a picture of our sweet little girly girl!!

I said that we kept the ultrasound a secret so we could let the news soak in, but as soon as we got in the car I HAD to call my mom.  I asked her what she thought I was having and she said in the most sweet, desparate, soft, easy voice, please say it is... "a girl?"  Haha...YES!!!  She was super pumped...not that she doesn't love her grand boys...she already has 4 and she's a sewer and said that she's been holding back with these boys because the boys' daddy's don't approve everything.

Josh and I had a nice lunch at Rodeo Mexican did he know I wanted Mexican...sounds really good right now too!  Then I was off to telling everyone else the exciting news.  AND maybe I already bought her something:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

THOMAS!! Annnndddd....A Slight (ok) BIG Boo Boo:(

We had a very eventful weekend, which I can't say all of it was good but in the end it turned out a-okay:)  We made plans with the Kyle, Mandy, Luke, Barry, Deborah and Canon to go see Baby Tera and Thomas the Train in B'ham and Calera, AL this weekend.  We started our journey on Friday after Kyle got off of work around 5 p.m. to head to Birmingham and hopefully hang out with Barry and Deborah before we called in a night.  Kyle, Mandy, Josh, Luke, Colt and I all piled in the Chavers SUV.  I was a little cramped stuck in between two big car seats but I found out that if I shifted from one side to the next entertaining both boys, it wasn't that I got to watch Toy Stroy3 with them...because I've only gotten to see it 20+ times:)

We decided to stop in Montgomery for some ice cream since both Mandy and I were craving it:)  We finally decided on a yogurt shop at Eastchase.  MISTAKE!  Mandy, Josh and Colt were ahead of us just about to walk in the place and Colt walks by a spotlight that is about a foot off the ground, right by the sidewalk, not covered and has apparently been on since they opened the place.  He stuck his hand right on it and it was over after that.  I went right over to pick him up thinking that he will stop crying at any minute/second. started to be uncontrollable crying...then the stares started coming.  There were poeple outside trying to enjoy their yogurt and apparently a screaming baby wasn't very relaxing.  So, I head off way across the parking lot to a grassy area to try to calm him down.  Nope.  Not happening.  He was shaking his hand, screaming, saying no mommy, trying to hug on me but couldn't b/c it hurt, leaning back, SCREAMING!  Ok, this is a little serious.  Josh went and got some ice and he would stick his hand in the ice for a few seconds then start screaming again.  Kyle, Mandy and Luke were getting yogurt (we all didn't think it was that bad) and didn't know that Colt was still having a meltdown.  By this point, I start was that bad.  Finally I desparately tell Josh that he needs SOMETHING...medicine...pain relief...anything!  So, we head off to the nearest drug store....Colt screaming the whole way saying No Mommy over and over and trying to hold me and get out of his carseat.  Kyle convinces the Pharmacists that he's a doctor and needs some Silvadene and Lidocaine and thankfully the Pharmacist was very compliant and acted promptly!  If not I was going to bring Colt in and show her and let her hear him:(  But we didn't have to do that:)

The time it took to get the meds seemed like forever.  In the meantime, I sat in the car trying to console Colt.  By this time, he was so upset he threw up:(  I eventually got out of the car mainly because I felt bad that Mandy and Luke had to listen to all that.  Josh came out with some Advil and Tylenol...we tried several times to get him to take it and he spit it out...maybe later. 

Finally Kyle came out with the we turned their tailgate into a little doctors office.  There were bandages, tape, scissors, medicine and two doctors on call:)  We all held Colt down (still screaming) while Kyle put on the topical medicine, finally got it wrapped up and not even a minute later...Colt tore it off.  I can definitely see that Kyle is very patient and is good at what he does, while Josh is very stressed and angry that Colt tore it off, Kyle simply says "that's ok, let's do it again and cover his whole hand."  No biggy...Colt's still screaming.  This time Mandy (the other doctor) steps in instead of me...why didn't we think of this before?  I stand out of the way and definitely out of Colt's view and let them go to work.  Finally the second "cast" (because that's what it looks like) is on!  Colt did manage to pop the tips of two little fingers out of the top, but that was fine with us.

I have already mentioned that Kyle is good at what he does because after that, he pulls out 3 suckers from his pocket.  He asks Colt if he wants a sucker, which are his all time favorite thing in this whole entire world (besides me and gum).  He takes the sucker, the crying has stopped!!!  Luke has been in his carseat this whole time and has been SO good.  Mandy gets Luke out with one of his Thomas the Train trains and turns it on.  Luke showed Colt his train and Colt said "uh oh" with a little smirk on his face...aww...yay.  Of course, this also makes me want to cry.

Now that it's after 9:00, we finally get in the car to leave and Colt cries a little more before he is out!  Here is a picture of him and his "cast."

Guess we won't be seeing Barry and Deborah tonight.  We also finally got some Advil down while he is half asleep.  We get situated in the hotel and are off to bed right after I shove some Tylenol down Colt's throat...knowing that I will be getting up in the middle of the night to take care of Colt, but that's ok:)  He does wake up about 2 a.m. and I get up with him.  I made the pull-out couch up and called it "Mommy and Colt's" bed.  He seemed to like it, so much that he was taking his gimped up hand and hitting me in the face with it over and over while he laughed.  He was in good spirits so I let him do whatever he wanted including have a few pack of smarties...oops.  We played for a couple of hours until he finally got settled down around 4 a.m. and fell back asleep and he slept until 8 a.m.  Yay.

Now it was Baby Tera time!  Tera Moss is our really good friends' Barry and Deborah's little girl who arrived 3 months before she was due.  She's been at UAB hospital since February 23rd and so has D, so we were very eager to meet this sweet little (but growing) girl, who is doing awesome by the way!

 Here is Tera who was born at 2 lbs 6 oz and now is 4 lbs!

Now it's Thomas the Train time...what we've all been waiting for!!  On the way to Thomas, all the Boys rode together (except Canon) and all the girls rode together.  Colt was with Josh, Barry, Kyle and Luke.  Josh decided it was time for Colt's bandage to come off to see the damage and here it is:(  He was in good spirits though.

When we arrived at The Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum in Calera, AL (aka Thomas the Train) we lathered up everyone with sunscreen and we were off to enjoy the festivities.  The first look at Thomas was priceless for the boys.  Luke is probably the biggest fan out of the group and knows just about every character that ever existed, Canon would be the second biggest fan and Colt the third.  Luke has a whole train set with so many trains and it's so funny he can decifer each character but I have to look on the bottom of the train to see thier names.  The boys were definitely straining their necks to get the first view of Thomas and here he is!

Our plans were to arrive at 10:30 to enjoy all the other activities before we rode Thomas, but usually with 3 toddlers, planning goes out the window.  By this point it was already 12:00 and our Thomas tickets were 12:45 so I immediately went to Will Call to get our tickets.  While I was getting the tickets the boys were oooing, ahhing and playing on the trains...

All the Dad's managed to scoop each child up to get a picture in front of one of the trains.  Each boy was also sporting their own Thomas the Train t-shirt, which was not planned:)

There were so many things to do and the whole time I was thinking we have to do everything and we don't have a lot of time to do it!  I had to constantly remind myself to take it easy, not worry and just go with the flow.  Not sure why I was like this that day, but I tried my best to be patient.  I think I wanted to see and do everything but this wasn't about me, it was about the boys having fun:) 

We made it to the gift shop and purchased a t-shirt before we were off to ride Thomas!!  I think the boys were a little confused as all of them hung on either mom or dad before they got settled in and enjoyed the ride. 

Toward the end Colt needed a little time with me:)

We were all anticipating and talking about where this train would take us and what would we see...but, kind of dissappointing for the parents...the train went about 15 minutes in reverse just to come to a screeching stop and we rode the 15 minutes back to the beginning.  All we saw was trees and a golf course, we did get to wave at some of the golfers:)  As you saw, the boys didn't seem to mind and enjoyed every second of it!

Once we got off, Colt led me to the petting zoo to see all the animals...he LOVES animals and doesn't consider them biting him at all since he doesn't mind sticking his hand through any cage that he can.  Here he is petting a rabbit, which he did for a long time.  Once he was grabbing one of the rabbit's faces...I put an end to that...eek.

We also managed to get a picture of all the moms and boys together.

After we got some food...finally...Josh took Colt to play a little putt was cute watching them play.  I only got one shot.

Then we found the Imagination Station...why did we not come in here before...they had several tables of train tracks and trains that were toddler level and all the boys loved it.  AND to top it off, it was in the was 87 degress that day and sunny. 

We also managed to convince Colt to get a tatoo (after Luke got one) of Thomas!

By this point, the parents are exhausted and even if the boys are not showing it, they are too.  Way past nap time, so we ended up calling it a day.  I think Luke and Canon were a little upset about leaving but I put Colt on my shoulders and he loves it up there so he didn't mind. 

On the way home, we were all in separate cars, and it didn't take long for the boys to pass out from their exciting day.  Mandy, D and I texted each other about the day and pics of our worn out boys:

Colt slept for only an hour and a half just in time to arrive in Montgomery.  Josh has been talking about stopping in Montgomery to see The Garage Games and some of his crossfit friends competing.  At first I said no, mainly because I wanted to get back home and at the time Colt was still asleep.  But then I knew how much Josh and Kyle would enjoy watching so I gave in.  I'm SO nice:)  I was just going to sit in the car while Colt slept, but he woke up as soon as we parked in the parking lot.  We stayed for about 45 minutes, while I chased Colt everywhere...remember I lost 2 hours of sleep and also pregnant so I'm about done!  We finally get back in the car and head to Dothan!  Yay!!

When we got home, I gave Colt a much needed bath and afterwards while he was running around naked, he slipped and busted one of his blisters on his hands:(  So Dr. Mom had to come out and do a little doctoring on his hand...I tried to make it fun:)  He loves bandaids:)

He's been a very good patient and his hand is healing great with no infections!

This was a very long but fun day!  We are pooped!  Whew:)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Potty Training?

I have always heard to wait until your child is ready to Potty Train, so I am/will/was.  I really can't believe that I haven't blogged about this yet because I'm so proud of my little boy, but on March 8th (yes, a month ago!) he teeteed in the potty at school about 3 times according to his teacher Kaylee at daycare.  She said that she took one of the other boys to "go" and Colt wanted to do the same thing.  He immediately took off his pants and his diaper and said "Colt potty," so she couldn't say no.  Kaylee was sooo proud of him and made such a big deal about it, there was no turning back.  So, he did it about 2 more times that morning. 

Usually, you want to see your child have his "firsts," but I was okay with this one as long as we are moving forward and progressing, I don't mind.  Of course, I was very proud of him, but I had my doubts because he is only 22 months old and it's very unusual for a boy to be potty trained, I'm not pushing it:)

He has teeteed several times after school and at home.  He is hilarious when he goes...lots of straining and touching...haha...he used to put his hand in the "stream" but I think I've gotten him to stop that...gross.  He usually goes right before bath time (I guess b/c he's naked) and right after.  He gets a little obsessed with it and wants to go several times in just a couple of minutes and he loves to dump it out in the big toilet.  It's cute:)

I am so proud of him...but still one more step to growing up and I don't like it:(

16 Week Check-up

I had my 16 week check-up today and I love to say that it was very uneventful.  Everything was fine, I heard that sweet little heart beat, talked to the doctor and was out.  I have only gained 2 pounds since my last check-up, but by the looks of my belly, the scale was playing tricks on us.  The doctor said that he anticipates seeing a bigger weight gain by the next appointment in 4 weeks, but I assured him that I've been eating A LOT!

So, because I only gained 2 pounds I decided to treat myself to a second breakfast (hehe) at Sonic.  I got a sausage burrito, tots and a diet coke and ate it all!  I LOVE diet coke, I know it's not the best thing to feed your baby but it sure seems like the best thing to feed me!

About this pregnancy...I still have days when I don't feel 100%, it's not bad but I do remember with Colt that I felt very very good.  I am pretty tired at the end of the day, I like to blame that on Colt and work:)  I feel like I eat like a horse, but it could be the fact that I just fill up faster than I used to.  I have been exercising as much as I can.  I either go to the gym at FBC or do something at home.  I have been running about 3/4 times a week (maybe for a mile or two), walk, do the ellipticle, ride my bike or the stationary bike and weights for my arms.  My belly is definitely a lot bigger than last time, but that was expected.  I have always heard with the second one, you show earlier.  In the back of my head, I was thinking..."well, I'm not!"  But, I am!:)  Oh well, can't stop the facts!

I will post a profile picture soon.  I haven't taken one at all and did so many times with Colt...Ooops.  

Daycare Rollercoaster

I have posted about this before...dropping Colt off at daycare.  I mentioned one time (a long time ago) when he did not cry when I dropped him off and things were looking up...I failed to mention that ever since then he has cried just about every day.  There are a handful of days where miraculously he doesn't shed a tear and is "ok" with me leaving or quite honestly doesn't realize I'm leaving because of some distraction.  I watched other parents drop their kids off and their kids have the "whatever - see ya" attitude...what am I doing wrong?  BUT then I think "my child loves me more than their's" ha!

I realize that he is very attached to me and I'm flattered, but by the looks of things he is pretty attached to his teacher, Kaylee, these days too.  She sent me this picture today of her and Colt that I just love!  Best hugger ever!

We love Kaylee, not only does she text me ever so often checking on Colt, I get these cute little pictures and videos of him throughout the day.  Not sure if this is normal daycare teacher behavior, but I like to think that Colt (we) are special:)  She is also the one that gives in to Colt when he says "hair bow" (I blogged about this earlier). 

Here are some other pictures that I have gotten from Kaylee:

This one scared Kaylee, if you see he is only standing on wires...and he's so proud!

This is a messy lunch day.  Kaylee emailed me a video from this day and it was absolutely hilarious (below)!

Sorry, this one is super blurry...but you can see that the reason why we have a difficult time vacuuming at home is because of funny!

Anywho, by rollercoaster, I really mean that it's a battle in the beginning but it's very apparent that Colt has fun and enjoys his time with his friends and mostly his teacher:)

Here is another recent picture she just sent me...too cute!  Now, why can't I get pictures like that of us together??

Mmm....not sure about this one:/ Haha!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Boy Bed

Last night Josh and I decided to see if Colt would sleep in his big boy bed for the first time.  So, I laid down with him when it was time to go to sleep.  Since Mommy was in his bed which never happens in his crib, he couldn't have been more excited and he showed it.  He repeatedly said "hey, mommy" in this sweetest little voice you could imagine.  I know I've posted about him saying "hey mommy" before at night time, he will go on and on and on until you say it back.  I tried singing to him our usual songs...Jesus Loves Me and You are My Sunshine which always works.  But instead I continued to hear "hey, mommy; hey, mommy; hey, mommy"...really sweet but this can't go on all night.  Then he started pointing out all my facial features...and he's not too gentle when he does this...when I say point, I really mean poke/pull.  So we covered the eyes, nose, mouth, hair and ears over and over (simultaneously I'm still trying to sing to get him calmed down).  Finally I decide to pretend like I'm asleep while he's pulling at my earring...ouch...I hear hard breathing...crack open an eye...YES!  He's out.  Carefully I creep out of his bed, grab my camera and get a shot of him in this huge compared to his little body, but only a twin size, bed.  I don't want him to grow up!!

Josh and I both knew this wasn't going to last all night.  Around 1:00 am I heard him, no surprise.  He was so sad crying "No, nooo, nooooo, no."  Obviously he was scared:(  I immediately got up to check on him

I left the light on in the bathroom to make it visible for him and for me in the middle of the night.  When I went into his room and straight for the bed....humm...where is he?  Yet, he was still crying "Noo, noo, noooo."  Uh...I don't see him AT ALL!  Finally, it seemed like a long time, but was probably only seconds...I see one little foot peeping out from underneath the bed.  WHAT?  Ok, he's under the far that I had to actually pull his foot and drag him out.  It was really funny, but so sad all in one.  He was so scared but I think he was still half asleep.  I asked him if he fell down and he just said "huh." 

As I started thinking back there is a space between the mesh support (so they don't fall off the bed) and the headboard.  Enough space that he could have fallen between the two.  Also I do remember hearing one of his toys going off way before I heard him cry out that was too far from the bed for him to reach without actually getting out of the bed.  And there is no way from the time I heard him cry to the time I got there that he had enough time to crawl that far underneath the bed. 

Conclusion:  He fell out of the bed, didn't wake up, tossed and turned until he ended up under the bed...then woke up confused and scared in a definitely dark and cramped space.

Moral of the story:  Block every exit to the floor.

Sorry buddy!